'Little People, Big World' Mom Amy Roloff Celebrates 'Wonderful' Christmas With Heartwarming Family Photos

Amy Roloff got the whole gang together for Christmas, celebrating the holiday with all of the Little People, Big World family with the exception of ex-husband Matt.

The TLC personality shared a series of photos on Instagram of her Christmas celebration, revealing that she spent the holiday with boyfriend son Jeremy and his wife Audrey Roloff, son Zach and his wife Tori Roloff, son Jacob Roloff and his fiancée Isabel Rock, and daughter Molly and her husband Joel Silvius.

Making the celebration even more merry were the 1-year-old cousins Jackson and Ember Roloff, who turned the night's cute factor up a notch with his festive sweater and her plaid dress.

"Christmas... no gift is as precious as Jesus... then being around those you love... my kids and grandkids and Chris," Amy captioned the gallery of fun-filled photos. "I hope Christmas was wonderful for you too... in all its glory and messiness too."

It's no surprise that Matt did not make an appearance at the family celebration—he typically celebrates separately from his ex-wife, from whom he finalized his divorce in 2016.

He and longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler definitely got their time with his kids and grandkids over the holidays, however, with the reality personality sharing photos with Jackson and Ember on his own Instagram.

In one sweet candid shot, Roloff and Chandler can't contain their laughter while playing with little Jackson in a play house.

"Didn't spend much time on social media this Christmas but that doesn't mean I didn't have an amazing season celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends.... And of course those amazing grandkids!" Matt captioned the photo. "It's a wonderful time of year to stay in the moment and focus on all the blessings God had given us."

Matt Roloff Jackson Christmas
(Photo: Instagram/Matt Roloff)

And while some people took to the comment section to criticize the two exes for spending their holidays apart, others praised them for working things out in a way all their own.

"I'm not sure why outsiders would think your personal matters are any of their concern. I just don't get it. It's none of anyone's business what choices the Roloff family makes," one person commented on Amy's photo. "I wish people would butt out and manage their own lives. I doubt they'd appreciate the constant scrutinizing of your lives if the tables were turned. It's wrong what people are saying. Being on TV doesn't give others a pass to be hateful. Everyone could stand to learn to love one another through kindness and thoughtful expression. Merry Christmas [Amy] & to the rest of the Roloff family."


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