Lindsie Chrisley's Fans Flock to Her Instagram Post About a 'Rumor' Following 'Dr. Phil' Appearance

Lindsie Chrisley has not posted on Instagram in more than 10 days, but that did not stop her fans from using her most recent post as an outlet to share their support following her appearance on Dr. Phil Thursday. In an emotional interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, Chrisley opened up about the lawsuit her father, Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley, filed against Joshua Waites, the Director of the Georgia Department of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation. Todd claims Chrisley had a relationship with Waites, and threatened to release her nude photos and a sex tape.

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On Oct. 6, Chrisley shared a photo of herself with husband Will Campbell at the North Georgia State Fair. In the caption, she included the lyrics to Lee Brice's "Rumor."

Chrisley has not posted on Instagram since then, but fans flooded the comments section with praise after they saw the Dr. Phil interview earlier this week. Lindsie did reply to some of the comments with heart emojis, so she clearly was touched by the support.

"You are a beautiful girl inside and out, you will come through this stronger, and better person from the lessons," one fan wrote. "Family is the hardest job we'll ever have-and stepping back to preserve your own peace is sometimes best. I hate it for you but since the life dealt to you, prayers."

"Saw you on Dr. Phil, and it's obvious that you are telling the truth. It's terrible that your father would degrade his daughter on social media, the way he has done to you," another added. "It's so disturbing and disgusting. You are courageous and classy. Just live your best life and don't worry at all about liars that want to portray you as a bad person. A lot of people are on your side. Hang in there! Bless you!"

"Who knew you'd turn out to be my fave Chrisley!?!? Well done today. You are a class act," one fan added. "Your family members could take a note or two from you."

"I absolutely was blown away with your sit down with Dr. Phil," another wrote. "You were so composed, well spoken, thoughtful, honest, but most of all what I noticed was how secure and calm you were with yourself... I always thought you looked (worried or uneasy) when doing the show. May you continue to live a life filled will abundance of love, happiness and peace."

Chrisley replied to that message with three crying emojis.

Another fan wrote that she was "totally sorry about how your family has treated you" and said they "lost all respect" for her father Todd.

"I saw the Dr. Phil show. I am totally sorry about how your family has treated you," another fan wrote. "I lost all respect for you father. Raise all above this your a strong girl. Just horrible how Savannah and Chase treat you too. Just disgusting. Very proud of you for taking a stand."

Chrisley told McGraw she did not have a romantic relationship with Waites, and discussed an altercation she had with Todd when his trouble with state and federal officials over tax evasion began. Chrisley said her father threatened to release nude photos and a sex tape allegedly showing her with The Bachelorette's Robby Hayes.

Todd and Julie Chrisley issued a response to Entertainment Tonight, accusing Chrisley of not telling the truth on Dr. Phil and having evidence that she did have a relationship with Waites. They claimed Chrisley gave a deposition to Todd's lawyers in June 2019 in which she "voluntarily" discussed her relationship with Waites.

Todd filed the lawsuit against Waites last week, claiming Waites tried to have a relationship with Chrisley just to get private information to use in the tax evasion case. Todd and Julie settled the state case, agreeing to pay just $77,000 in overdue taxes.


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