Lindsie Chrisley Claims Father Todd Has Been 'Threatening' Her With Alleged Sex Tape Since 2017

The controversy surrounding the Chrisley Knows Best family continues to grow stemming from father Todd Chrisley's recent tax evasion scandal. Daughter Lindsie Chrisley has been estranged from her father for a few years at this point according to InTouch Weekly. The 29-year-old has alleged her father and brother are involved in an extortion plot using the threat of a sex tape to ensure she complied with the investigation against her family.

Now according to Lindsie, her father's alleged threats have been going on since 2017 and she has the proof to back up the claim.

The screenshots shared by Lindsie show a Twitter exchange with her 50-year-old father.

"Sometimes those that lie need [to] be exposed in order [to] stop the madness," the first tweet from her father read, including the hashtags "cheated twice, thanks god for puppy cams, sue me over the truth, psycho."

"Like mother like daughter, once a cheater always a cheater, once a liar always a liar," another tweet read.

A third tweet included Savannah Chrisley in the mix, seemingly lashing out alongside her father with references to her mother.

"Too funny! Come after me...I really don't care...come after my're OVER!! Watch what u tell when your bed isn't clean," Savannah wrote in the post.

"Especially since theres been more men in your bed than your husband has spent time there," Todd Chrisley added via a reply, including the hashtags "2 batchelors (sic), in laws, videos, photos and lets do this."

None of the tweets specifically mention Lindsie Chrisley by name, but it does include references to items related to her alleged extramarital affairs and claims made by The Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes.

The estranged Chrisley filed a police report back in July claiming her father and brother, Chase Chrisley, were "threatening and harassing" and were trying to have Lindsie "lie about an incident and if she refused to do so, they were going to release the sex tape" that is alleged to be in her father's possession.

According to a statement to E! News, Todd Chrisley denied the allegations made by his daughter while publicly naming two men, Hayes and Bachelor in Paradise star Josh Murray, that allegedly were involved in affairs with Lindsie Chrisley.

Murray responded in a statement saying that he and Lindsie had been friends for years, while Hayes has reportedly reached out to federal authorities and the FBI is now involved, looking over evidence submitted by the reality star.

The Bachelorette star also opened up about his time with Lindsie on the Housewives and Vanderpump podcast, claiming that no sex tape was intentionally made.


"I'm not sitting there with a camera aimed down and trying to get the angles. Like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend's living room, the couch we crashed on," Hayes said, adding that the pair were filmed without consent on a surveillance camera and the claims being made that they made a sex tape is false.