Leah Messer Puckers up in Latest Photo Amid Rumors She's Back With Ex Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer is showing off her flirty side as rumors fly that the Teen Mom 2 star is reuniting with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. After getting called out in Tuesday's season premiere by sister Victoria for coming home early the next morning after what was supposed to be dinner with the father of her youngest daughter, Messer posted a pouty-lipped photo with friend Kylie.

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"I [love] YoU !!" Messer captioned the photo, tagging her friend. Messer's newly brunette locks were a hit with her followers, who loved the darker look on the mother-of-three.

It appears Calvert has been liking the look too, with Victoria revealing in the season premiere that her sister got home at 7 a.m. the next day after popping out for dinner with Calvert the night prior, earning guilty looks from both parties after a joke about being out doing "cardio."

"We'll always love each other because... we have [6-year-old daughter Addie]," Messer explained of their connection.

In a sneak peek of next week's episode, it appears the love connection is continuing, with Messer admitting they had crossed the line in their co-parenting relationship, telling a friend on FaceTime that Calvert had "showed up" somewhere, prompting them to ask if they "hooked up."

"No," Messer responded, but her friend wasn't buying the guilty smile.

"Are you lying?" they asked, with Messer answering, "Yes," laughing before the clip cut off.

Since their marriage came to an end in 2015, Messer and Calvert have admitted a number of times to hooking up, explaining they haven't given their relationship a serious go again due to the potential confusion for Addie if things didn't work out a second time around.


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