Kim Zolciak Biermann Slams 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' Vows 'Never' to Return to Show

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak Biermann is vowing to never return to the popular reality show.

In an interview with InTouch Weekly, the reality star says "last year was enough."

"I will never go back to Housewives again," she said.

The show that made the 40-year-old famous, once brought her joy, but now she says the negativity that the environment can bring, isn't something she wants to be apart of.

"I like positive happy fun things, you know? And I fell like [the show and its environment] can be [filled with] a lot of negativity," she said.

Biermann made her return during season 10 — and of course her fans were beyond thrilled to see her back on air — only appeared a handful of times. Her quick hits were as a "friend" and not as a full time cast member, and in those few times she stopped by to add to the shows drama, that was enough to make her want to say adios for good.

When asked if she even keeps up with the show anymore, her response was stern and confident.

"F— no," she said. "I do not [keep up with the show at all]. No. Last year was enough for me to handle."

As far as her former co-stars go and whether she hangs out with or even communicates with them, she didn't have much to say.

"I reached out to Nene [Leakes] when Gregg was diagnosed [and sent them a care package] and I congratulated Porsha [Williams] on the pregnancy," she recalled.

"I don't know that there's a whole lot of animosity [between me and the rest of the cast]," she continued. "I just [think] we all kind of have our own separate lives ... or at least I do."

She may have said goodbye to RHOA for good, but not to reality TV in general. You can still expect to see Biermann and her husband, Kory Biermann, on their hit reality show Don't Be Tardy for another anticipated season which premieres Feb. 17!

The former housewife may have shut one door of drama but social media has opened another for her. She recently stirred up controversy after she posted a picture of her daughter, Brielle Biermann, flaunting her new lip injections — a topic the mom of 6 has never shied away from.


"Messing with my kids is gonna be a big one, you know? ... Let's use Brielle's lips, right? So when Brielle wanted her lips done. It was something that she's never really liked," she said. "She's always talked about wanting bigger lips. She turned 18, I took her to the best. That's her decision, her choice. I took her to the best. She was very open because she said she didn't want other girls that felt like her to not know that there wasn't an option. So she shared that with the world. Then, they're like, 'You look like a duck, you look awful, they look terrible, blah, blah, blah,' and Brielle's like, 'Well f—, maybe I shouldn't say anything.' I said, 'No, you just basically do you.'"

Brielle also received backlash on her Instagram after posting several photos of her new look.