Kim Kardashian Scolds Sister Kourtney for Serving Sugary Treats at Poosh Party

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have been at odds with each other for much of this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fighting over numerous things including the kind of candy they wanted to have at their daughters' joint birthday party.

Kim advocated for candy most kids would expect, while Kourtney wanted to go a healthier route. On Monday, Dec. 9, the two sisters referenced that disagreement at Kourtney's holiday party for her website, Poosh, which featured sweets from Sugar Factory New York.

On Kim's Instagram Story, she shared a video panning over the table of treats as she yelled, "Is this candy sugar free and gluten free?"

She captioned the following clip, "I found out it's not! #hypocrite."

"I bet it's not, but it's gorgeous anyway," she said.

Khloé Kardashian also trolled her older sister on her Story, posting a video of Kim musing, "How ironic, there's a candy bar here but it's not sugar free or gluten free. So I don't know what to do here. I don't know how to handle this."

"But you know what, it's plastic free, so at least we are somewhere," she added, referencing the reusable bags that were available for guests to put their treats in.

"Pooshing our boundaries, people!" Khloé declared.

During the episode of KUWTK that contained candy-gate, Kim told the camera, "What a buzzkill if you're a kid and you think you're going to a Candy Land-themed party but there's no candy?"

"There's candies that are not disgusting and filled with chemicals," Kourtney told her Kim and Khloé at her house.

"Show me some," Kim clapped back.

Kourtney replied, "Do you want me to make you a collage? Or a poster board?"

Another clip from the show saw Kim and Kourtney arguing about the type of candy that would be served at the party while riding in a car together.

"Kourtney has this vision of no sugar or no disgusting chemicals in candy," Kim said in a confessional. "It's like a completely sugar-free, gluten-free, party-free, fun-free zone because Kourtney has decided that it just doesn't make sense."


In the car, Kourtney told her sister, "There's just better solutions to your dated candy that's literally food coloring that gives people diseases." She then said that this wasn't on brand for her, to which Kim replied, "This is about a kids' party. This is not about your brand....Then why does your car have leather seats? Why are you wearing plastic glasses?"

Photo Credit: Getty / James Devaney