Khloe Kardashian Calls Jordyn Woods 'The Reason My Family Broke up' After 'Red Table Talk' Appearance

Jordyn Woods' appearance on Red Table Talk aired on Friday, March 1, during which the 21-year-old [...]

Jordyn Woods' appearance on Red Table Talk aired on Friday, March 1, during which the 21-year-old claimed that Tristan Thompson did not cheat on Khloé Kardashian with her at a party at the NBA player's home earlier this month.

After the show, Kardashian took to Twitter to slam Woods, calling her a liar and "the reason my family broke up."

"Why are you lying [Jordyn Woods]?? If you're going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story," she wrote. "[By the way], You ARE the reason my family broke up!"

During her appearance on Red Table Talk, Woods said she "would never try to hurt someone's home — especially someone I love."

"Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him, never once did I leave the public area," she said, adding that while she spent the night at Thompson's home, nothing happened.

"I feel like I can't point fingers, because I allowed myself to be in this position," she continued. "I never was belligerently drunk — I never blacked out. I was drunk, but I was not beyond the point of recollection. On the way out he did kiss me — no passion, no nothing, on the way out. No tongue kiss, no making out. And I don't think he's wrong either because I allowed myself to be in that position. I was like, 'That didn't just happen.'"

Clearly, Kardashian took issue with this account, judging by her tweet. The message is the first time the 34-year-old has specifically addressed Woods publicly since the scandal. Until now, she's only posted pointed quotes to her Instagram Story, including a series on Thursday night discussing cheating.

The first image read, "You ever notice people would rather stop speaking to you instead of apologizing when they're wrong.

Next came a note about cheaters and how "they're sorry because they got caught."

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(Photo: Instagram / @khloekardashian)

Recent reports echoed Kardashian's claim that Woods has not yet apologized to her, with a source telling Us Weekly that the Kardashian family was surprised Woods chose to give an interview before officially apologizing.

"It's a little shocking she chose to speak to Jada before sincerely apologizing," the source said, adding, "Frankly she still isn't apologizing!"

Another source told Us Weekly that Woods "wouldn't be apologizing" if her alleged hookup with Thompson "wasn't a news story."

"Jordyn assumed it was going to blow over," the insider said, adding that Woods' concern was "elevated" after the "public outcry."

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