If Kate Gosselin Goes Broke, Ex-Husband Could Gain Advantage in Custody Battle

Kate Gosselin's rumored financial problems could give her ex the upper hand when it comes to custody negotiations.

Kate and her ex Jon Gosselin have been embroiled in an ugly custody battle for their eight kids, and with Kate's solo TLC show Kate Plus 8 only airing three episodes in 2017, things could be getting tough for her financially.

"Kate no longer has the income she once had from the show," an insider said of Kate, reports InTouch. "The money is running out fast .... Private school alone costs about $150,000 a year."

The former nurse doesn't have her pre-TLC profession to fall back on either, the insider continued.

"She's let her nursing license lapse," they said. "And she hasn't been a nurse in so long anyway."

Jon and Kate went through a messy split in 2009, and since have been involved in a number of public disputes, including an Aug. 22 altercation in which police were called to an orthodontist's office.

So if Kate's financial situation becomes less steady, Jon, who reportedly works in IT now, could have more influence in the ongoing custody battle.

"That's Kate's biggest fear," the insider alleges. "She dreads Jon will have more say and possibly even more custody which she's fought nonstop to keep from him."

Jon has been "disconnected" from his kids for years, an insider told HollywoodLife.com in November.

"Kate likes to channel everything through her lawyer, but Jon doesn't have the money to pay an attorney every time he has a question, and as a result, he now has a way smaller presence in the kids' life than he would like," they claimed.


Photo credit: Getty / Brad Barket