Kailyn Lowry 'Surprised' Former 'Teen Mom' Co-Star Jenelle Evans Is Divorcing David Eason

Kailyn Lowry is weighing in on the surprising divorce announcement made earlier this week by [...]

Kailyn Lowry is weighing in on the surprising divorce announcement made earlier this week by fellow Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans. In a recent radio interview, Lowry admitted she was "surprised" by the news, but thinks it is the right move for Evans.

"I was and still am very surprising, but I am also very proud of her for this decision, if it's true," Lowry told Domenick Nati on his radio show. "I don't know at this point what's true and what's not true, but I do wish the best for her and the kids."

"From what I know and from what I've seen in the media and from what I have dealt with with David, I do think this is the best option for her," she continued. "But when you're in a relationship like that, I think it's a lot easier said than done. I hope that she's able to stay strong through it."

Lowry was also asked on social media by fans for her thoughts on the divorce.

"If she's truly in the right mindset and is on a journey to find health and happiness, she could teach people a lot," Lowry replied to one fan. "One could only hope that this is all true," she wrote in response to another. "Despite our differences, her and her kids safety has always been a concern of mine, and now I'm not as worried hearing the latest news."

Lowry isn't the only Teen Mom weighing in on the divorce news. Farrah Abraham shared her thoughts on it with TMZ, and she thinks there may be an ulterior motive at play for Evans. "I just feel like it's a way to just go back on TV, and I think more like myself and others, who just want better crews, better circumstances for her kids, beyond just going back to television," she told the outlet.

"So, I don't know. Will things change when she gets a divorce just to go back on TV?" Abraham continued. "I'm just worried about her real intentions. Is it for her safety, her health, everyone's well-being, or is it just get back on TV?"

Just to add another layer of Teen Mom drama, Lowry later in the radio interview went on to bash Abraham.

"My least favorite cast member? I would say is Farrah," she told Nati. "Anytime I've been around Farrah she just doesn't treat people like human beings. She treats them like they're below her. And that's not really something… I don't want to surround myself with people like that."