Joy-Anna Duggar Fans Think She Dyed Her Hair in New Photo With Husband Austin Forsyth

Some Counting On fans are convinced that Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth dyed her hair a darker shade of brown following the TLC reality star's latest Instagram post. Speculation over Forsyth's locks began over the weekend after the mom of two took to the social media platform with an adorable photo with husband Austin Forsyth that appeared to show her sporting a much darker hair color.

In the post, the reality star and her husband adorably posed close together, with Austin keeping his eyes closed while wearing a content smile. Forsyth, meanwhile, looked toward the camera with darks hair that almost appeared black. She made no mention of her hair in the caption, which recounted the playful conversation that occurred before the image was snapped and ended with, "You always know how to make me laugh. I love you, [Austin Forsyth]."

Fans were quick to take note of her hair, with the comments quickly filling with questions of whether she opted to go for a darker shade or not. One person asked, "hair color or lighting?" One person chimed in with, "she 100% dyed it," wither another fan adding, "you can tell it's dyed. In other pictures it's a light brown with blonde highlights. Now it's a dark brown." Forsyth eventually set the record straight when replying to one comment, "it's the lighting!"

Forsyth's hair color first became a topic of conversation back in early January when the Counting On star kicked off 2021 with a new 'do. She showcased the new hairstyle, which includes bangs, in a Jan. 7 post, writing, "New Year. New Hair." The style easily won over fans, who also commented on the color, someone commenting, "wow you so look like your Mom with darker hair!!!" Another added, "Love your dark hair."


As many fans have pointed out, in her pre-new style posts, Forsyth appeared to be sporting much lighter hair, as evidenced in a Jan. 2 post, which showed the mom sitting in her car. As fans continue to speculate over her hair, Forsyth is enjoying time with her family. She and her husband welcomed their youngest child, daughter Evelyn Mae Forsyth, in August. They are also parents to 2-year-old son Gideon.