Josh Duggar Arrest: Why Anna Duggar Could Still Choose Divorce

Josh Duggar's recent arrest on child pornography charges has led to speculation about the future of his marriage, as Anna Duggar could still choose to divorce him if she felt it was the right thing to do. While the Duggars have always been adamantly against divorce, it is not an unprecedented circumstance in their family. There have been at least two past divorces with couples directly connected to the family, with Anna's own sister being part of one.

Radar Online previously reported that, back in 2015, Rebekah McDonald, Anna's older sister, file for divorce from her husband of 10 years, Joshua. According to the outlet, Rebekah filed the legal paperwork on May 22, 2015. She cited "discord" or "conflict of personalities," per Texas' Fort Bend County family court documents. Rebekah reportedly requested sole custody of the couple's two children but the judge granted joint custody. However, the judge did give Rebekah medical and educational rights over her children, and Joshua was ordered to make monthly child support payments. The former couple has reportedly revised their custody agreement in the years since their split.

More recently, it was reported that Jessica Seewald, sister-in-law of Jessa Duggar, filed for divorce from her husband, Dwight, whom she married in 2019. Jessica's brother is Ben Seewald, who is married to Jessa. According to THG, Jessica stated in the legal documents that she is requesting a divorce on the grounds that her spouse allegedly subjected her to "personal indignities destroying the legitimate ends of the marriage such that the Plaintiff can no longer reside with the Defendant as man and wife."

THG notes that, in Arkansas, "personal indignities" can include a "spouse consistently manifesting such rudeness, hate, abuse and neglect" that it causes life to be "intolerable" for their partner. The outlet notes that Jessica has not publicly accused Dwight of abuse, but added that he did admit to "all of the allegations contained" in his estranged wife's legal divorce complaint. Dwight has also apparently "waived" his right to "plead, answer or appear" in the case.

Furthermore, Dwight requested that he be allowed to forgo any trial that could come up. He legally confirmed that if this happens, the trial can take place at any time "without notice to, and in the absence" of him. Dwight stated that the divorce is "uncontested," which means he and Jessica are in agreement on all issues related to their divorce. Finally, Jessica marked the couple's separation date as April 16, 2021.


While Anna is standing by Josh now, and does not appear to be planning on divorcing him, she did indicate in the past that she considered it, after it was discovered that he's been unfaithful to her. If she did choose to split from him, it would not be the first Duggar-related divorce. She may also find support from Rebekah and Jessica, two women in her life who have already been through it.