JoJo Drops New Song After 'Masked Singer' Black Swan Reveal

Pop star JoJo made a mainstream comeback this spring, though at first, she did it anonymously. JoJo was a finalist on The Masked Singer Season 5, unmasked at the last minute as "Black Swan." The day of the season finale, she also released a new hit song called "Creature of Habit."

JoJo is best known for her hit song "Leave (Get Out)" in the early-2000s, and she has continued to tour and put out big hits ever since then. Her career got a considerable boost when she capitalized on her Masked Singer reveal last month, releasing "Creature of Habit" just hours after the season finale. Black Swan was the runner-up of the season, coming in a close second to Piglet — who turned out to be Nick Lachey. They shared the finale stage with Chameleon, who turned out to be Wiz Khalifa.

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Fans were overjoyed when JoJo announced "Creature of Habit," though some seemed to suspect that it had something to do with The Masked Singer. One commented at the time: "Yikes... The world is ready... But we really ain't! [laughing out loud]." Another added: "Ready to listen but probably not emotionally ready to relateeee ahhhh," while a third wrote: "When you're an icon you're an icon. Simple. facts."

Of course, JoJo had not commented on rumors that she was the Black Swan in disguise at the time, but fans took the speculation pretty far. Many compared the Black Swan's clue packages and monologues with real facts about JoJo, including the fact that she became famous at a very young age and experiences an ongoing tug of war with stage fright.

JoJo's real name is Joanna Noëlle Levesque. She rose to fame after competing on the reality show America's Most Talented Kids. She became the youngest solo artist in history to top the Billboard Pop chart when she was just 13 years old.

The Masked Singer panelists guessed that Black Swan was JoJo early on, and only became more confident as the season went on. In the semi-finals episode, the Black Swan said: "I'm so proud of myself for surrendering into this challenge and facing my fears head-on. Who would have thought some black feathers and a sparkly beak would make me realize how free I was as a little girl?"

"Reflecting back, there's a lot I'd say to that younger swan," she continued. "'There may be a voice inside your head that tries to tear you down and make you feel like you're not good enough. There's times where you're gonna believe it but don't. You are good enough, and one day, a wacky, bizarre opportunity will come your way and give you wings you never expected. And it will be just what you needed to find yourself again. So be unafraid! And remember: you are the world's rarest bird for a reason.'"


The Masked Singer Season 5 finale premiered at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. You can still stream the full season on Hulu with a free trial here. JoJo's new song "Creature of Habit" is streaming on most major services.

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