Joseph and Kendra Duggar's First Kiss Was Almost Spoiled by a Power Outage

Counting On's season finale gave Duggar fans an intimate look at the wedding day of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell as well as the couple's romantic--if slightly dark--first kiss ever.

The most recently married Duggar couple tied the knot in a beautiful church wedding on September 8 after a four-month engagement, but fans only got an inside look at the ceremony this week.

"Today is not bittersweet, it's all sweet," patriarch Jim Bob Duggar said prior to the ceremony. "Joe is marrying a gorgeous, sweet, godly girl, and I'm happy for Kendra becoming part of our family. It's just a neat celebration."

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The couple walked down the aisle having never kissed, which is customary for the super conservative independent Baptists.

"(Kissing is) something we decided to save for marriage," Joseph said prior to the wedding, "It's a very special moment, because I don't think a lot of people can say they've done that."

As Kendra walked down the aisle, the normally stoic Joseph found it hard to control his tears, and the two giggled through their vows after he tripped over a few words during his portion.

It was then that the two sealed their lifelong commitment with their first ever kiss...right before the power shut off.

Apparently the power throughout the city had gone out at that precise moment, so guests scrambled to light the ceremony with candles as the newlyweds walked down the aisle in the dark.

Joseph couldn't have known that there would have been a hitch in the kiss, but joked ahead of the ceremony, "If we mess up the first time, there's always room for improvement."

When the lights came back on, the couple agreed that lights or no lights, their first kiss was "epic."

"It was well worth (waiting) every year, every day, because that moment was so special," Joseph said.

Duggar, 22, was the seventh child in his family to get married and the third this year, with sisters Joy-Anna and Jinger also wedding hubbies Austin Forsyth and Jeremy Vuolo, respectively.

Joseph actually asked Kendra to marry him at one of the year's other weddings, working with Joy-Anna and Austin to surprise her with a ring during the bouquet throw.


"Having three weddings in less than a year is not really our standard rate," joked 17-year-old Jason Duggar in a confessional interview, "but you never know who's next.'

Counting On has not officially been renewed by TLC for another season.