Joanna Gaines Gives 'Fixer Upper' Fans a Sneak Peek at Magnolia Market's Holiday Makeover

It's the most magical time of the year at Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market, the couple revealing a behind-the-scenes look at their Christmas-themed décor.

On Tuesday, Joanna shared a video to her blog, At Home, detailing the holiday transformation that Magnolia Market recently underwent in preparation for the holidays, which includes a lot of wood tones and natural elements, as well as an ample number of trees.

"Christmas is finally here at the Market!" the former Fixer Upper star captioned a shortened version of the video she later shared with her 9.1 million Instagram followers. You can watch the full video here.

"I felt like the transformation from summer to fall was a really big change," Joanna said in the video, filmed at her Waco, Texas, store. "It was really dramatic, but there's something about fall to winter that feels even more dramatic. This is one of those things that feels larger than life."

This year, Joanna chose "A Thrill of Hope" for the theme, beginning the transition into a "magical Christmas wonderland" with sketches of what she had been envisioning, which was soon brought to life with handcrafted wooden spoons dipped in crystal and a large advent wreath made of faux garland.

"Greenery is such a timeless holiday decoration, which makes it fun to incorporate in as many spaces as possible," Joanna wrote on her blog. "You'll see greenery around the entire shop, including different styles of wreaths and garlands, as well as Christmas trees both big and small."

The holiday display also features handcrafted log-stack cabins.

"When you walk into the market, this is the first display you'll see," she wrote. "It was inspired by the most recent cover of the Journal. Hundreds of logs of wood were placed in these handcrafted log-stack cabins, and I just love the way it turned out. This display makes me want to light a fire and grab something warm to drink!"

The completed display: a space full of lit faux evergreens, hanging snowflakes, lit Christmas trees, and a number of handcrafted art installations.

"I hope that everyone walks in with this childlike wonder," she said in the video. "That it's like, whether you're 80 or 5, you look up, you look around, and you're taken back."


The Gaines', who in June welcomed their fifth child together, son Crew, recently celebrated the start of their growing business, marking 15 years since opening the doors at the original Magnolia storefront.