Jinger Duggar Gets Slammed by Fans After Posting Ice Cream Photo

Even something as simple as getting ice cream during a trip to Hollywood with friends is enough to get fans mad at Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo.

The pregnant Counting On star certainly was not counting on the trolls coming out.

jinger duggar vuolo ice cream vegan critics
(Photo: Instagram/Jinger Vuolo)

On March 8, the 24-year-old Vuolo posted a photo of a cold treat she ordered from The MILK Shop, a popular ice cream chain in Los Angeles.

"Does it get any better than this?" Vuolo asked, adding that she got the banana dulce de leche ice cream flavor.

Although it has been days since the post, Vuolo is getting inundated with criticism from vegan fans who debated the merits of veganism and the moral quandary that is eating ice cream.

"It's not necessarily a 'personal choice' when the victims have no choice," one fan wrote. "Countless animals— innocent, sentient beings— are killed everyday, unnecessarily to fill people's plates. If you wouldn't eat a dog, if you have ever loved an animal, then you already have empathy towards animals...don't pay for them to die."

"Did you ever take a look where the milk for your sweet treat comes from, how it is extracted, and why?" another asked.

"None of the huge industrial dairy farms have anything to do with 'right treatment of animals' it's all about profit, and that's what I am protesting with not consuming dairy products," another fan explained. "The small farm, that still somehow dies things the "right" way, is not what I am worried about, but in today's society, those are the exceptions and not the norm. Animal abuse happens in the milk and meat production more often than it doesn't happen."

Then again, there were several fans who just posted about how delicious the ice cream cone looks.

"That sounds yummy," one wrote.

"You are making me so hungry for it," another added.

"Sounds delicious! I love meat and dairy and will continue to eat it forever," added another.

Vuolo posted a few other photos from her Los Angeles trip, including an image of the iconic Hollywood sign. She also went to the Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

jinger duggar vuolo 22 weeks along
(Photo: Instagram/Jinger Vuolo)

Vuolo and Jeremy are expecting their first child in July. On Sunday, Vuolo posted another photo of her baby bump at 22 weeks along. Her baby is now the size of a papaya.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Jinger Vuolo