Jill Duggar Catches Heat for Her Sodium-Laden Chicken Soup Recipe

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is again the subject of backlash on social media — this time for a soup recipe many have dubbed unhealthy.

Counting On fans called out the 27-year-old mom of two Monday after she shared a homemade chicken noodle soup recipe on her and husband Derick Dillard's blog. After seeing that the recipe calls for eight cans of cream of chicken condensed soup, fans went in on Jill, saying there was way too much sodium in her recipe.

"This quick recipe feeds a crowd. We usually ate it with homemade bread and a big salad and fruit for dessert," Jill wrote alongside a photo of the soup recipe.

"That is full of sodium," one person responded on Twitter.

"This recipe has approximately 2,000 mg of sodium per serving. That's more than the recommended amount per DAY for an adult," another chimed in.

"Canned soup is really not good for you and this recipe has 8 cans of it," someone wrote.

Others slammed Jill for consistently posting unhealthy recipes to her blog. "Do you ever make a nutritious meal that actually looks appetizing and isn't loaded with sodium and saturated fat? You really need to get over your apparent fear of fruits and vegetables; for the sake of your little ones," the person wrote.

Another suggested a way to modify the recipe to make it more nutritious.

"Just skip the condensed soup junk, add carrots and celery and you have healthy chicken noodle soup," the person said.

Jill has had a busy week on social media this week, as many of Dillard's followers speculated that she might be pregnant after he shared an oddly-cropped photo of the two of them on Monday.

In the photo, the husband and wife stand in front of their booth at the Southern Baptist Church's pastor conference — but Dillard cropped the photo so that only their faces and upper halves of their torsos are shown, leaving quite a bit of extra space above their booth that may normally be cut out of any other photo.

(Photo: Instagram / @derickdillard)

"Is jilly pregnant?!" one fan asked in the comments.

"i think so all her pics hide the belly," another responded, referring to recent photos of Dillard that partially hide her stomach.


"I agree. What a weird way to crop the photo," another person echoed.

Fans speculated earlier this year that Jill may be expecting baby number three after spotting prenatal vitamins in the background of one of Dillard's photos.