'Jersey Shore': Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Girlfriend Has Something to Say After His Domestic Violence Arrest

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's girlfriend is speaking out following the Jersey Shore star's domestic [...]

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's girlfriend is speaking out following the Jersey Shore star's domestic violence arrest last week. Saffire Matos took to her Instagram Story four days after her boyfriend's arrest in Los Angeles County for "suspicion of intimate partner violence with injuries and with priors," claiming there was a lot of "misleading information floating around" about her possible involvement in the incident, about which few details have been made public.

Ortiz-Magro has a history of domestic violence arrests and is currently on probation from similar charges involving his ex, Jen Harley. Harley has confirmed she was not present during the most recent arrest and the victim's identity has remained private. While many assumed Matos was involved, she wrote on Instagram Monday, "Ronnie and I are fine there is a lot of misleading information floating around out there."

Saffire Matos IG
(Photo: Saffire Matos)

"With anybody who reached out with concern I appreciate it with all my heart, but everything that's being portrayed out there are not facts. I don't think it's fair that people are using false accusations to gain attention," she wrote. "Please leave Ron and I alone. You don't know what someone is going through at the end of the day. Don't believe everything you hear or read online. I'd appreciate privacy please. Thanks for all your support."

The MTV star has also been active on social media after paying the $100,000 bond issued in his case, attacking Harley with allegations that she uses drugs and brought someone around their 3-year-old daughter Ariana that "hurt" her. "Apple don't fall far from the Crackhead strub (sic) ?" he wrote. Harley responded on her own Story with a message for people experiencing domestic abuse to get out of their situation. "PSA who needs to hear this… As you can see even to this day the abuse never ends, this is your chance, get out now," she wrote. "RUN! Do not let someone make you feel like it is your fault for their actions!! I promise you it will only get worse."

Ortiz-Magro soon deleted his posts about Harley and shared a message about discovering his "real friends" recently. "I take all experiences as lessons," he wrote. "You learn who really cares about you when your down and out and than (sic) you see who doesn't! But I guess they call it the weeding process." He continued with thanks to his "real friends" who hadn't left his side and "betrayed" him, hashtagging thanks "for stopping me from drowning and not being the [one] who holdz my head underwater."