'Jersey Shore': Deena Cortese Slams Angelina Pivarnick, Vows to Never Film With Her Again After Wedding Controversy

Angelina Pivarnick's wedding day was the last straw for Deena Cortese! In a preview of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, when things turned south at the Staten Island native's November nuptials to husband Chris Larangeira, Cortese declared she will "never" film with her co-star ever again.

In a preview of Thursday's all-new episode of the MTV show, things start off well enough at the elaborate ceremony, with the bride toasting her bridesmaids Cortese, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. "Who would have known, eight years ago, we were all going to be together like this? Especially all the crazy times we've had?" she tells them.

But the night takes a turn for the worse when Polizzi, Farley and Cortese are called upon to give their speeches at the reception, which fans will recall did not go over well when the trio led with some well-intentioned jokes about the bride that were not well received. While the speeches are not shown in the preview, the crowd can be seen booing the bridesmaids. Pivarnick, meanwhile, storms out of the room, calling it "so f—ed up." She's later seen scolding the crew, "Take your camera crew out of my f—ing face!" and telling them to leave.

The response certainly wasn't what Cortese, Polizzi and Farley were expecting. "Are you f—ing kidding me? I'm so f—ng mortified," Farley says as the drama unfolds around her. Cortese, on the other hand, seemingly accuses Pivarnick of thriving on the drama, saying their co-star was "happy her entire f—ing crowd booed" them. She adds angrily, "I will never film with her again!"

As the fiasco played out in real time, Cortese took to social media to issue an apology and explain what had happened with her co-star, saying she understood people were "upset" about the speech, but revealing they "also included nice things in it as well." She added that because Pivarnick doesn't claim to take herself very seriously, the trio thought she would laugh at their jokes. "Clearly we were wrong... We're friggen human," she added.


"I'm not a mean person and our intentions were never negative," she continued of the "roast part" of their speech. "We truly thought she was going to laugh and right after we went into how lucky we are to have her in our lives and she's the sister we needed in the house." See Pivarnick's dramatic wedding unfold on an all-new episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, airing Thursday, May 28, at 8 p.m. ET. For more of the Jersey Shore cast from PopCulture.com, click here.