'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese Reveals Son's Condition Requires Him to Wear Foot Braces

Deena Cortese is opening up about her 1-year-old son CJ's foot abnormality for the first time after the Jersey Shore star revealed she's been criticized by mom shamers for not putting the little boy in shoes. Sharing an explanation of his metatarsus adductus in a note to her Instagram grid Tuesday, Cortese revealed just how the negative messages have affected her as a new mom.

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"I've been getting a lot of messages about CJs feet, how he walks and other mothers ridiculing me for not putting shoes on him at 1 years old," she began. "Please before messaging me telling me what I should do or asking and making comments about why he's not wearing shoes, maybe ask if I've already looked into what you see could be wrong, because more than likely I have."

"Anything you guys notice about my son, I most likely noticed it before anyone else," she continued. "I just didn't think it was necessary to let anyone know why his feet went the way they do or the reason he's not wearing shoes."

Saying she does "appreciate" the messages from concerned followers, Cortese advise they approach her "asking and not telling," as the latter "doesn't make a mother feel great."

Explaining further that CJ will be getting night braces soon to correct the common foot abnormality, Cortese said of his diagnosis, "He's had it since he was born but we noticed it at 10 months when he started walking."

"The doctor says it's common and we've been on top of it," the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star added. "Unfortunately his right foot has an extreme case and he literally can not get a shoe on. That is why CJ isn't in shoes and just socks and booties."

The MTV star got immediate support from friend and co-star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, whose 3-year-old son Greyson was diagnosed with autism in 2018.

"I'm sorry Deena," she commented. "You are an incredible mother. Always putting CJ first and I know how hard this has been for you."


"How people choose to 'voice their concern' is a reflection on them. Not you," she continued. "Keep being the amazing mom you are."

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