Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Unfollowed Briana DeJesus

Jenelle Evans is cutting all ties with Teen Mom 2. Nearly two years after she was let go from the [...]

Jenelle Evans is cutting all ties with Teen Mom 2. Nearly two years after she was let go from the series following reports that her husband David Eason allegedly shot and killed her French bulldog, the former MTV star revealed that she had to unfollow her former castmate and friend Briana DeJesus because she was having a difficult time seeing DeJesus filming the MTV series.

Evans opened up about her relationship with her former co-stars while promoting her upcoming podcast, Girl S—, in an Us Weekly interview. Evans revealed that despite the intense drama surrounding her firing from the series on which she had starred since 2011, she doesn't "feel like" she has any "bad blood with anybody," including DeJesus, who she said she unfollowed on social media. Explaining that she is "keeping things civil, not really talking to anybody," Evans said she hit the unfollow button recently "because seeing her film with the crew makes me upset."

DeJesus was among the only cast members Evans said she kept in touch with when speaking with back in February 2020, just a few months after MTV confirmed they "stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019, and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season." Evans said she still talked to DeJesus "here and there, and other than that, I really don't talk to anybody." At the time, Evans said she was instead "just keeping to myself and letting them do their thing. I'm gonna do my thing, so I'm trying to keep things civil between everyone."

As fans know, following her exit from the series, DeJesus was vocal in her support for Evans. Just days after her firing, DeJesus said Evans was "thrown to the wolves" and said she was "sad for her." She later credited Evans for being the one who "kind of made the show what it is today," adding that "it's unfortunate with the events that, you know, transpired." In September 2020, DeJesus hinted that her communication with Evans was becoming less frequent, though, explaining, "sometimes we comment on each other's Instagram Stories, but we don't talk as much as we used to."

According to Evans, a large reason for her newfound distance from her former co-stars is the lingering pain of her abrupt departure from the series. She told Us Weekly that "it's just hard to be part of something when people replace you," explaining, "you were the original one that helped start that show, and it'' hard to be let go of something that you've put so much work into." Prior to her May 2019 firing, Evans had been an MTV star since 2010, when she appeared on Season 2 of 16 & Pregnant. In 2011, she joined the spinoff series Teen Mom 2.