'Teen Mom' Fans Concerned About Jenelle Evans’ Latest Video, Kailyn Lowry Suspects Drugs

Jenelle Evans is never one to shy away from drama, and the Teen Mom 2 cast member stirred the pot again when she uploaded a new video to social media recently, slamming co-star Kailyn Lowry.

The clip, which has since been deleted, was uploaded to Evans' Instagram Live and showed the reality personality disparaging Lowry for getting involved in the recent drama between Evans' husband, David Eason, and Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer.

"People are too sensitive, aka Kail. I'm just gonna say it. I think it's really funny that you always have to butt in on people's drama," Evans said in the video. "How many times do you have to comment on something if it has to do with me? It's crazy!"

She continued, "I'm pretty sure my whole rant was about Leah. It was about cheerleading makeup and it didn't have Kail's name all over it. Rant ova!"

Naturally, Lowry responded to Evans' rant, sharing her thoughts about her co-star on Twitter.

"Is she on drugs?" Lowry wrote.

The drama began when Eason left a parent-shaming comment on a photo of Messer's daughter Aleeah.

"I can't believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face," he wrote, according to The Ashley.

After one of Messer's followers called Eason out for dad-shaming Messer's ex Corey Simms, he responded with a comment shaming Messer, writing, "No, she just probably didn't ask him if it was OK first. I doubt he would allow that."

Lowry offered her opinion on the drama on Twitter, writing, "David, take that energy you have on [Instagram] & put it towards something else like.... your own kids..."

She later tweeted, "maybe David didn't learn common sense while locked up, but let's not stoop to the trashy level of talking about anyone's kids."


Eason was recently fired from Teen Mom 2 after going on an alleged homophobic rant.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @j_evans1219