'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans' Ex Takes to Social Media for Emergency Situation

Jenelle (Evans) Eason's ex gave his Twitter followers a peak into their private text conversations on Saturday following his need to get in touch with her.

Nathan Griffith, the father of the Teen Mom 2 star's child, reached out for information about Kaiser's health insurance situation, explaining in the tweet that Evans wasn't responding to his texts because she "likely blocked his number."

As a means of explaining why, he posted four screenshots to his Twitter account.

Warning: there is obscene language in these texts.

Neither Evans nor her husband have responded to the tweet, and there's no telling how long it will remain up on Twitter. It could be considered a violation of Evans' Cease and Desist order in and of itself.

However, if Griffith's texts are authentic, they may finally squash the rumors of trouble between Evans and her husband, David Eason.


(Photo: Twitter / @GroundLevelUp)

(Photo: Twitter / @GroundLevelUp)

The two have been raising a lot of eyebrows since they removed their relationship status from social media and Evans changed her Twitter AVI back to a selfie. If her response to Griffith is correct, all of that was just a part of ongoing withdrawal from the public eye.

The screenshots posted by Griffith haven't been verified and could conceivably be doctored or forged. However, fans are taking them at face value. Very few people on Twitter have criticized Griffith for airing his family's dirty laundry so publicly, it seems people are on his side because he comes off better in the text exchange.


A few fans thought that Griffith was being unnecessarily dramatic, and criticized him for missing the point.