Jenelle Evans 'Happy' With Her Personal Growth Over the Years, Calls Old 'Teen Mom 2' Episodes 'Very Embarrassing' (Exclusive)

Jenelle Evans has come a very long way since first starring on Teen Mom 2, and she now feels like many of those old episodes are "very embarrassing." However, reflecting on her journey, Evans also says that she is very "happy" with her personal growth over the years. While speaking exclusively with reality TV reporter, Anna Rumer of, Evans commented on reliving some of those early seasons with an interesting take on the experience.

"It definitely makes me happy the type of person that I've grown into and to see how much I've matured and grown up and it also gives me a good laugh," she admitted. "People post different things like me and my mom arguing over something like the pettiest thing ever, and it's like how did we even argue over that, I have no idea."

Evans also commented on her current relationship with her mother, Barbara, admitting that they are doing "good actually."

"She's at home right now in North Carolina and she's dealing with watching my kids right now as I came up here and did some stuff," Evans said. "We talk like every day and we're getting along. I mean some days are bad, of course, but that's every typical mother-daughter relationship is like that."

Notably, Evans recently packed up her kids and moved to Nashville, Tennessee — a change in scenery that she and the children have really been enjoying so far.

"They're doing good and they really love the area that we moved to and Kaiser, he loves his new school, so that's a big plus," Evans said, adding that she's found much more to do in the state's capitol city. "I think here in Tennessee, you have more opportunities, and I think in North Carolina, where I live, it's a very laid back beach town, college town, so I think for what I'm looking for, there's more stuff to do here."

Evans went on to explain why she made the choice to move to Nashville, adding how it was all about taking control of her own freedom. "I've kind of been in limbo for a year since last April and I've been wanting to venture out and do my own things, and people are like, 'Why aren't you?'" she said. "And I'm stuck to this contract, and once I'm out of it, I can go and talk to other companies and stuff, but right now, people are iffy about what they want to do."


"It's not just other companies, it's also — I'm not gonna lie — MTV, they're iffy about if they really wanna let me go or not, so I'm just sitting here, doing my own thing, trying to keep YouTube updated, 'cause my fans, they wanna know — they're digging into my life, and they wanna know what's up!" she added.

At this time, Evans does not know what the future holds, but intends to keep moving forward and taking advantage of opportunities, however they may present themselves. "Whether it's on camera I do again or even off camera and just do production and be involved in another show and getting it together, that would be fun too," she said. "So I mean, we'll see what happens."