Jana Duggar Grabs Coffee With Sister Jessa, But Fans Are Geeking out Over Something Else

Jessa Duggar may be a married mother-of-three, but she's still got time for family. The Counting [...]

Jessa Duggar may be a married mother-of-three, but she's still got time for family. The Counting On star recently met up with sister Jana Duggar for coffee, documenting the catch-up on Instagram, and fans can't get enough.

It's not their gathering that has followers buzzing, however. It's Jana's chic style. In the photo, Jessa is keeping things casual in a black T-shirt, while her big sister opted for something a bit more dressy. Jana, 29, was photographed wearing a grey linen dress with ruffle detailing on the sleeves. She sported her hair in a half-up, half-down style with loose waves and paired the dress with brown leather sandals.

Fans flooded the comments with questions about the dress and sandals, like where they could buy them and who they were made by.

(Photo: Instagram / @janamduggar)

"Love the dress. Do tell where I can purchase," one person inquired, while another chimed in: "Love the sandals!! Where are they from??"

"I love her dress and those sandals!" a third person commented.

"Do some insta story hair tutorials!!" another person demanded.

The Duggars haven't revealed where Jana's sandals are from, but her dress is from a brand called Called to Surf. It appears Jana may have altered the sleeves to be slightly longer, but the dress is available for $54.

Fans love to see Jana on Instagram, and are always hopeful that she'll find love some day soon. Jana is the only Duggar over 18 that hasn't moved out yet or entered a courtship. While at home, she cares for her parents and helps out with her younger siblings.

The lack of a love interest in her life has led to some fans calling her "Cinderella" Duggar. It was at one point rumored that Jana had found love with Caleb Williams, but he was quick to shut that down, telling fans, "I am not dating Jana Duggar."

It appears she's not waiting around for a man either. During an episode of Counting On that she's not holding out for romance.

"It's like this weird in-between stage," she said during the episode. "It can be tempting, 'Oh I really want to be married,' because in those moments you have siblings that are married and have little ones and are going on dates and doing their things."

Jana continued, "There have been different guys who have come along and asked. But they haven't been, I don't know, the right one."

Some fans, however, praise Jana's independence.

Photo credit: Instagram / Jana Duggar