Jana Duggar Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Photo and Social Media Isn't Sure What to Think Now

Jana Duggar shared some new behind-the-scenes photos from Counting On last week, and fans have more questions than ever about how the show is made. Duggar posted an album of 10 pictures from the show on Instagram, showing a vantage point that the TV cameras never do. However, the inclusion of the cameras and crew in wide open spaces made fans curious about the "set."

Duggar's new photo album from Counting On shows fans a little bit of what they can expect in upcoming episodes. The family could be seen gathered in familiar spaces, but with the addition of crew members, cameras, boom microphones and other production odds and ends that fans do not typically see.

"Here's a few behind the scenes, throwback pics from previous shoots! Grateful for all of our amazing crew members!" she wrote. "Don't forget to tune in tonight and watch the new episode of Counting On on [TLC] at 9/8c!"

Fans could not fail to notice, however, that some of the rooms they thought were a part of the Duggars' home appear to be more temporary. One living room set, for example, had no ceiling above the walls, and appeared to be built on a sound stage. A conspicuous alarm light was stuck to the wall just where a shot would typically end.

Another shot showed just how big the kitchen space really was, though the family was still clustered close together, and another showed a kitchen that was only partially covered by a ceiling. Above that were studio lights and pieces of corrugated sheet metal to block the glare.

"Is that a set?? I'm confused," one commenter wrote.

"Where is picture 8? Is that a set? Looks like a cooking show lol," added another.

"Oh wow. I thought you were filmed at home, but it is all staged and recorded in a film studio?" a third wrote.

Duggar actually responded to these comments, assuring fans that this is really what her home looks like.

"I guess it does kinda look like that," she wrote with a laughing emoji. "It's actually in our guest house."

"Looks like their guest house must be a metal building, with a high roof, that they built interior walls in," another fan observed.

However, when one fan asked if the "sofa interviews are done on a set," Duggar confirmed that those are conducted off-site.

"Yes, interviews are done on a set," she wrote.


Counting On continues, even as the Duggars deal with some serious drama both and off-screen. The next episode premieres on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.