'I Love a Mama's Boy': Kelly Celebrates Having Matt Alone After Kim Leaves in Exclusive Sneak Peek

I Love a Mama's Boy star Kelly has made no secret of wanting son Matt all to herself, and she couldn't be happier now that his fiancée Kim has moved down to Austin, Texas for her job. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's episode of the TLC show, Kelly doesn't hide her distaste when Kim calls to check in on her love while he spends the day with his mom. 

"Kind of weird, like Kim gone," Matt notes to his mom, who responds she's "feeling pretty good" now that she has him "all to myself." She adds to the camera, "Since Kim's left, The biggest perk of all is that I have full access to Matthew. ...Now there is no question. I don't have anybody vying to try and reach me at the top."

When Matt defends Kim, saying he didn't think the two were "vying" at all, Kelly responds, "She was. I don't have to vie. When you're at the top, you don't vie." It's then that Matt gets a FaceTime from Kim. "Speak of the devil," Kelly says when the call comes in. While Matt is clearly excited to talk to her, asking about her Texas accent and how she's settling into the apartment, it's clear Kelly isn't happy at the intrusion.


"I'm settling in. It's definitely been like a big adjustment, but, it's really cool," Kim assures Matt, who responds, "That's awesome. I'm excited for you. I knew you would adjust quickly. You always do." Matt promises to start looking at tickets to fly down and visit her from California, and as they trade "I love yous" before hanging up, Kelly looks anything but thrilled about her son's upcoming trip down south.

"When the FaceTimes are over, and the phone calls are done, I feel relieved. It's me and Matt again," she tells the camera. "The way it should be." Matt notes that her response to Kim checking in is a little "weird," but Kelly insists, "I don't want to share you." Will Kim and Matt's relationship survive the move? I Love a Mama's Boy airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.