'The Hills' Cast Member Gets Candid About Post-Baby Sex

The Hills alum Whitney Port has been an open book when it comes to sharing the struggles of being a first-time mom since welcoming baby Sonny earlier this summer.

Recently, she spoke out about the effect being pregnant and giving birth had on her self-esteem in a YouTube video posted to her channel that was filmed by husband and TV producer Tim Rosenman.

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"When I first found out I was pregnant one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was how my body was going to change," Port begins the video.

Gaining 40 pounds, the 32-year-old mom said she knew the weight gain was "a natural thing and good for the baby," but it was still more than she had expected.

"I did not feel good about myself," she revealed.

This low self-esteem transferred over to her sex life, joking that she was concerned how pushing "an 8-pound baby out of a tiny little hole" would change things in the bedroom.


"I thought a lot about if you were attracted to me and that was hard because I was never insecure before," she said to Rosenman, to which he replied, "I was. I am."

"Sometimes I'd put myself in your position and be like, 'I wonder if Timmy gained 40 pounds and had, like, a huge basketball sticking out of his stomach if I'd still be attracted," she admitted. "And I don't know!"