HGTV Renews Jasmine Roth Series 'Help! I Wrecked My House' for Season 2

If you've attempted some less-than-successful home renovation projects recently, HGTV has some good news for you. The network announced that they renewed Help! I've Wrecked My House for a second season of DIY fixes to air later in 2021. The first season garnered 16 million viewers who watched host Jasmine Roth help hapless homeowners remedy their botched projects with creative solutions and fashionable yet functional designs.

"Jasmine knows how to ease the anxiety homeowners feel when a home improvement project goes wrong," said Katie Ruttan-Daigle, vice president, programming and development, HGTV. "Her expertise and optimistic presence help every do-it-yourselfer get a much-needed win and fans love to see how renovation mistakes become masterpieces."

In between seasons of the show, Roth and her husband Brett sold their house for $2.21 million. The couple purchased the California property in 2010 and completed construction on the Cape Cod inspired home in 2012. While the couple was "very attached" to the house, mounting interest to buy the 2,875 square footer inspired them to list the property.

"We were both like, 'no thanks,'" Roth wrote on her blog. "Not only because we have such an emotional attachment to this house, but also because I just put SO MUCH WORK into getting the house perfect to be a rental after we moved out. But after a few more people asked us, we started to discuss it and well… here we are."

Roth was discovered by HGTV on Instagram after using the hashtag #beachbuild to mark one of her renovation projects. While the first offer from HGTV didn't pan out, Roth eventually hired her own camera crew to get the footage necessary to get the network on board in 2016. "Without even thinking twice, I offered to pay out of my own pocket to have a video crew come and film all my Built Custom Homes projects," Roth wrote. "I climbed on the roof to look down a chimney, I installed flooring, I even had them video me coming out of the porta potty! This was REAL LIFE and I didn't want to miss a thing."


The rest, they say, is history. Roth hosted two seasons of her first show, Hidden Potential, on HGTV before pivoting to Help! I Wrecked My House after winning the competition Rock the Block in 2019. You can stream the first season of Help! I Wrecked My House on Discovery+.