'Haunted Discoveries' Investigators Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari Tease New Series After 'Ghost Hunters' (Exclusive)

Almost two years following the end of Ghost Hunters on A&E, paranormal investigators Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari are returning to television with their new paranormal documentary series Haunted Discoveries. The eight-episode order from Stargazer Films, in association with A&G Creative, will delve into real ghost stories through cinematic elements that blend emotional, scary tales with extensive research. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com, Alvis and Gatollari tease what fans can expect from the series, set to premiere later this year.

"We were going to a lot of really, really amazing locations in Kentucky. There's a lot of stories about strong familial connections," Gatollari said. "We delve into a lot of myths and mythologies with ghost stories and hauntings and we test a lot of theories that we've been working on for the past few years, stuff that we've delved into in our book, Elements of a Haunting, and we have them in these amazing experiments that we implemented in these locations. It was a really eye-opening kind of crazy journey and I love being able to take it to that next level, everything that we've been doing for the past few years."

Co-investigator, Alvis adds how the idea for the series first came about when the paranormal technician was trying to acquire a haunted location for their investigations just over a year and a half ago. "Mustafa and I one day were just talking about the book, in Elements of a Haunting, our research and the theories behind it, and it just kind of came to us," he said. "Why don't we document the process of going to look for a haunted property, and not only do that, but talk to some of these homeowners, people that own bed and breakfast locations, the people that own museums, and really see what it's like to live and operate in a haunted location day in and day out, and it morphed into this whole other thing."

Alvis shares there are so many "amazing stories associated with Kentucky," packed with a plethora of legends and facts previously unknown. "It was a lot of fun but we test a lot of new theories, we really get deep into the research," he said. Without spoiling too much, Gatollari teases the show will feature some "really, really cool pieces of custom-designed technology that really takes a more granular and intricate look at the changes in aberrations in environmental conditions." While there will be some technology that fans from Ghost Hunters might recognize, the New Jersey native says the Haunted Discoveries team will be using them in a "really cool, inventive" new way. "We are also not afraid to test some of the more spiritual aspects of certain practices that people might be scared to delve into. We're using a scientific approach and see if there are any changes in the environment," he said.

(Photo: Stargazer Television)

Joined by historical researcher Malia Miglino of Macabre Mondays and longtime paranormal investigator Kevin Otte for Haunted Discoveries, Alvis and Gatollari praise their co-stars, with Alvis stating Miglino is a "fantastic historical researcher," while Gatollari says she is "way more granular" than he is with his methods. "She also delves into a lot of really cool historical stories and facts about famous places and maybe little-known things," he said. "I'm a researcher and I'm completely blown away by the work that she's done."

When speaking about Otte, Alvis notes he has known the fellow investigator for almost 12 years. "I've investigated with him for many years and have been a close friend too, so he was just an obvious choice to bring on the team," he noted, adding how he is one of the most "genuine, respectful" people he has ever met. "He's a guy that isn't afraid, to tell the truth, isn't afraid to just say, 'Hey, look, there's nothing going on here. This place isn't haunted,' and that's really great to have on the show because when the cameras are on and you're investigating and things like that, he's not trying to get screen time. He's not trying to make a situation different than it is, so he's amazing." 

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