'Good Bones': Mina Starsiak Hawk's Son Jack Goes on His First Bike Ride in Adorable Exclusive Clip

With Good Bones cycling in a more personal direction this year with its home renovations, the popular HGTV series is highlighting a rather adorable moment with Mina Starsiak Hawk and her toddler son, Jack. In an exclusive sneak peek for PopCulture.com of Tuesday's all-new episode, "Old Biker Bar," Starsiak Hawk's son takes his first bike ride — the non-motorcycle kind, of course — as his mom and grandma, Karen Laine, roll around the North Square part of their Indianapolis neighborhood.

Strapped into his bike trailer with a cute helmet, Jack — who will turn 2 years old this August — happily enjoys the ride. In what the doting young mom shares in the clip is Jack's "first bike ride," the 35-year-old says the three are just "rolling around" their hood to "give him a little taste of it." With vibrant scenes of the Indy suburb in the background as Starsiak Hawk, Laine and Jack travel around on a sunny day, grandma checks in with the toddler from her bike, asking: "How is it down there? You got a stick!"

In an off-side interview, Starsiak Hawk admits that while her son might have enjoyed his time down there in the bike trailer, he wasn't exactly aware of what was happening. "Jack seems a little confused about what's going on, but he looks like he's having fun, so success," she said. Her mother Laine, interjects with her daughter, admitting how he's "so easy" of a baby. "His inclination is to like things. That's his nature," the grandma said.

The episode is a wheelie of experience with the two back on Talbott Street in the Old Southside neighborhood at a house that used to be an old motorcycle biker bar they are now turning back into a single-family home. The former hangout will have a large two-story addition built on the back and a Modern Industrial design, paying homage to its biker roots.


Tuesday's episode is the eighth in their fifth season, which has been a favorite among fans on social media. With so many chiming in, it's no wonder Starsiak and Laine are currently shooting for their sixth season with HGTV — something the two are most humble about. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com about Season 5, Laine admitted she "loves" the feedback fans are sharing with the look of their new season, which includes a pop soundtrack and aerial drone shots. She admits it was all HGTV's idea, saying: "Our production team has gotten so capable of following us, and knowing what we do — they're able to choose more wisely and more truthfully, what should we film and then the editors are much better about deciding what should we put in the show because there's not another show like this."

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