Farrah Abraham's Return to 'Teen Mom' Wasted Little Time Getting to Physical Attacks

Farrah Abraham may have exited the Teen Mom franchise in a less than amicable way but she's back for the series mashup, which includes cast members from the OG franchise and the Young and Pregnant installment. Abraham accused the network of turning on her due to her decision to participate in the adult entertainment world. Her last season chronicled her blowups with producers, with her getting physical with one longtime producer. Now, she's back and she says the antics on the spinoff are drama-filled, with co-star's fighting one another.

TMZ caught up with Abraham and she dished on what viewers will see. As reported, Teen Mom 2 stars Briana and Britney Jesus, as well as Jade Cline and Ashley Jones got into a scuffle while filming. It's unclear what triggered the fight. Abraham has her own experience with fighting co-stars. Amber Portwood lunged toward her during a tense moment at their reunion a few years back.

"I just want others to keeo their hands to themselves," Abraham said of her co-stars. "Do not sneak attack a woman and do not gang up on a woman because I don't handle that too well. So that's kind of what happened to me. And I feel like people shouldn't attack anyone especially after COVID and everything going on in our real world of news."

Abraham didn't allude to having any reservations regarding participating on the show. "I think it's healthy for me to try to get back to work and see where things are and I think there's so much room for growth," she said on her decision to return to the show. "I'm excited to see how things are progressing. I think it's hard to go back to something that really didn't show the fulness of who I am and I think it's so much to show with people."

As for where she stands with her OG co-stars, many of whom she's been estranged from since her exit from the series, she holds no feelings. "I always wish them the best," she said. "I still think there's a lot of progress to be made."


The DeJesus sisters' mom Roxanne exposed the fight initially during an Instagram live. "I'm done. I'm sure [the network] is trying to figure out what they are going to do," she said, explaining the incident happened the evening before on Sept. 14. "The plan for this new show was gather the girls around and hope for the best. A commotion broke out," Roxanne continued. "Words were said. I don't think there was any altercation." She claimed the producers removed Jade, Brittany, and Briana and made the trio stay at another hotel while Ashley remained at the filming location. As a result, she quit the show.