Farrah Abraham Preaches 'Self-Love' After 'Ex on the Beach' Exit

Farrah Abraham may have left Ex on the Beach on a less-than-positive note, but the Teen Mom alum learned a lot about herself in the process!

In an MTV exit interview, Abraham reflected on what she took away from her time in the house prior to being voted out after getting in a fight with Nurys Mateo, kicking her in the crotch before being removed by security.

"I have learned that I don't lie to myself," Abraham began.

She continued that her brief time reuniting with ex Simon Saran, which ended in a shouting match and Saran being voted out, wasn't necessary for someone as self-possessed as herself.

"I have learned that I definitely know when I'm over my exes, and people need to respect that I've moved on," she said. "I definitely have learned that I stand up for and respect women who respect other women."

Abraham was definitely feeling good about her ability to keep her famous temper in check, despite the fight that led to her exit. "Controlling my anger and managing myself I have on lockdown from this experience," she told the camera.

As for the toughest part of her time in the house? The reality personality said it was tough to find a love connection in the group of singles with whom she was living.

"Trying to date," she said when asked about the difficulties she faced. "I wasn't really finding anyone I was into. So as a woman, it was great to be secure and [have] self-love, being single and waiting for the right one."

Teen Mom OG fans might be surprised to learn that Abraham's exit was disappointing for a number of her roommates who had grown to appreciate her quirks over their days in the house — even the ones who had fought with her from the start.

"Tonight's elimination made me sad," Cheyenne Parker confessed. "Farrah's grown on me in a way that I could have never expected."

"I'm honestly sad that Farrah had to go," Maya Benberry chimed in during her own confessional. "After all, that was one girl in the house that had me and Janelle's back."

As Abraham left the house, The Bachelorette alum Chad Johnson joked, "Honestly, she's probably learned her lesson — you can't go kicking girls in the vagina."

Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV