'Teen Mom' Alum Simon Saran Calls out Ex Farrah Abraham in Now-Deleted Tweet

Farrah Abraham's ex Simon Saran may claim to want to make his peace with the former Teen Mom star, but he had some pretty nasty things to say about her on Twitter this week!

Saran, who recently appeared on Ex on the Beach alongside Abraham, dissed his ex after she wrote, "If it requires fake smiling, I'm not attending!" on her Instagram Story.

“I mean your teeth are fake, lips are fake, chin is fake, what else do you need for a fake smile?” Saran captioned a screenshot of the post. The reality personality quickly deleted his message, but screenshots from InTouch Weekly caught the slam before he thought better of it.

The pair, who dated on and off for two years before breaking things off about a year ago, reunited on the second season of MTV's Ex on the Beach in last week's episode, where Saran claimed to want just closure from the reality star, who clearly didn't want him in the house.

"When I first met Farrah she was selling vibrators and dildos for a living," Saran said in the Shack of Secrets. "She's done a lot of bad crap to me. She left me at a gas station, she took food out of my mouth, she did this masturbation video for some webcam show without telling me..."

He continued of the reason their romance came to an end, "We broke up about 9 or 10 months ago and I never talked to her again after that. We ended on bad terms — the only reason I came here was to make my peace with Farrah. She's really hard to get along with, so it's gonna be interesting."

Abraham, meanwhile, was not interested in making amends, organizing a campaign in the house to vote Saran out over Diandra Delgado.

In the end, Abraham's persuasive skills won out, and Saran was sent home in the same episode he first appeared.

"I genuinely came here to make my peace with Farrah, but she doesn't wanna listen, because she always wants to point the finger at the other person," Saran explained upon leaving.

The adult entertainment star was not willing to take that step however, telling the cameras after one of their explosive fights, "I got nowhere, and he just loves that I wasted my energy on him."


Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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