Farrah Abraham Draws Criticism From 'Teen Mom' Fans in 'Mental Health Awareness' Photo With Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham's latest Instagram is getting her fans up in arms. The former Teen Mom OG star took to the social media platform earlier this week to show off her and her daughter Sophia's red carpet looks for the American Influencer Awards. The reality star and her daughter rocked sparkly ensembles on the carpet.

The post, which was accompanied by a lengthy caption, led to criticism from fans.

"[Sophia] & I so appreciated the [American Influencer Awards]," she wrote. "As a single parent I know how hard it is when our kids start wanting to explore makeup, shave their legs, wax their brow ,want to start wearing braws(sic), use deodorant, curiosity and puberty start-Thats(sic) why I'm greatfull(sic) and thankful we stand together so she knows I don't judge her like the world may I embrace her fun clothing, beauty, hair , health and many more trends so she can explore and find her true self without anymore hardships along her way of maturing into her best self [red heart emoji] loved that this awards focused on those who may be going through cancer or may have a daily disability but just alike as a celebrity, designer, blogger and many more we all share that we put our lives out in the public for the greater good and this continues to make a great social change and economy for us all from civil rights and liberties and many more social impacts.

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"Strength, love & empowerment to all the influencers world wide being you and making a difference #blowin [three red heart emojis]," she ended her lengthy post.

Many fans took issue with the starlet's words, criticizing her writing skills and giving her suggestions on how to proofread.

"It's grateful not great full," one user commented.

"Ummm...what ?! [What the f—] did you even write ?? Did you have a stroke in the middle of it ? Blackout drunk ? This is the worst writing I have ever, ever seen," another Instagram user wrote.

Another fan took issue with her message about Sophia given her young age, writing: "Yes that's exactly what my 9 year olds are wanting, to wax their eyebrows and wear "braws" [eye roll emoji]


"A lot of us have watched Sophia grow up on tv and she is a beautiful young lady, Farrah you and you alone put your child out there on display the negative responses you receive from people are because you treat your daughter like a show horse to the highest bidder," another user lashed out. "For your sole profit your not teaching her values and morals and to respect people, your teaching her that money and glam and how to have a fake life is more important. Education, Respect, Empathy, and Family Values is what you should be teaching her. She's your child not your best friend just saying."

Abraham is frequently criticized for allowing Sophia to have such a massive social media presence. The young influencer has also been open about experiencing severe cyberbullying.