Farrah Abraham Has Daughter, 12, Pose With Pregnancy Test for Instagram Ad

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham's latest reach for sponsorship dollars on Instagram caused another firestorm with fans. Earlier this week, Abraham shared a photo on her Instagram Story showing daughter Sophia, 12, posing with a pregnancy test. Many found this so inappropriate they went to the pregnancy test's manufacturer to share their anger.

The picture, which has since expired since it was shared on Abraham's Instagram Story, showed Sophia wearing giant white-rimmed sunglasses and holding the pregnancy test up to the camera. Abraham, 30, added "wink wink" and "OMG!" to the post, seemingly aware that blowback was coming from her followers. That's exactly what happened, with many taking to Reddit, notes The Sun. "What in the actual f—. This is gross," one person wrote. "Why would the company even do this?! Like who approved this marketing strategy?!" another wrote. "Sophia has absolutely no one in her life looking out for her & it's honestly depressing," another commented.

In the picture, Sophia is clearly modeling behind boxes with the Modern Fertility logo. "We're so excited to collaborate with you. Can't wait to hear what you think," reads a note from the company. Instagram users then took to the Modern Fertility Instagram page to criticize them for even considering working with Abraham.

"So you're excited to work with Farrah Abraham? The trash bag who has her 12-year-old daughter and her Instagram story holding a pregnancy test? You might want to rethink that one," one person wrote on the brand's page. "Farrah thinks it's cool to have her 12-year-old Sophia advertise your products, Farrah is a horrible business person/mom and she will ruin your brand... anything Farrah touches turns to [s—]," another wrote, notes The Ashley's Reality Round-Up. The brand has not commented on the situation.

Although Abraham hasn't been on Teen Mom OG since 2018, she is never far from headlines. She even appeared on Fox News last month to comment on Chrissy Teigen's Courtney Stodden tweets controversy. She told the outlet she believes Teigen needs "mental help," citing the model's 2013 tweet about Abraham.


"When I initially saw Chrissy Teigen make these comments I could tell she was a desperate music video groupie and model," Abraham told Fox News in May. "[At the time] I just thought it was only with me and I ignored her because I don't behave like that. Now I see it's tons and tons of people. It really bothers me right now." Abraham later said she would not accept an apology from Teigen or anyone else who criticized her in the past. "They all are dysfunctional, toxic and should not have TV shows influencing hate in society," she said.