'Teen Mom' Alum Teases Run for Major Government Position

From reality television to political campaign. Farrah Abraham says she's going to Harvard and will take on the political world as soon as she turns 30 years old. Sounds a lot like the fan-favorite movie Legally Blonde when Elle Woods decides to do the same thing, except for a guy. According to The Blast, Abraham's announced it on her LinkedIn profile.

However, she's had a scuffle with the social media platform in the past when she announced that she was going to Harvard to get a masters in Creative Writing. When she was unable to provide proof of the courses she was taking, LinkedIn took the profile credit down. In March, someone commented on the matter and said, "Why does your LinkedIn say you have a masters in liberal arts at Harvard University? You do know how easy it is to fact check?"

The mother-of-one quickly replied, "Thanks for being a hater on somebody who's getting their Masters at Harvard. You're so funny, but you know what bank accounts don't lie and neither does my baby. Soph, where's your mommy enrolled in school right now?" Her daughter Sophia then replied, "Harvard," while they both added, "Cry, cry about it!"

Towards the end of May, she took to her Twitter account to announced that she would be running for a "government position" the moment she turned 30 and is counting down the days until it happens. "I WILL BE RUNNING FOR A GOVERNMENT POSITION AS SOON AS I TURN 30... COUNTDOWN & THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SUPPORTING ME SUPPORTING YOU [three American flag emojis] My experiences have led me to this valuable place that I do not take for granted," she posted on Twitter.

Despite her controversial past, Abraham seems motivated to make a change. She's taken quite a bit to her Instagram account to discuss mental health and how she's overcome difficult situations, and while she has a string of support, that also comes with a string of doubt from those who have kept up with her over the years.