'Family Karma's Anisha Ramakrishna Shares Why She's Waiting to Introduce Her Husband to Friends (Exclusive)

Anisha Ramakrishna is keeping her marriage private as she enjoys the newlywed days. The Family Karma star, who tied the knot in an "intimate" 17-person ceremony in October, opened up to PopCulture.com about her decision to hold off introducing her husband to many of her friends – and his desire to stay off-camera. 

"He's the sweetest, kindest, most humble person," Ramakrishna gushed of her husband. "He's a shy guy, he's an introvert. ...And when I say introvert, I mean, of course, we go to parties and he'll talk to whoever, but he's a quiet guy and I'm me." 

The happy couple met on a dating app and quickly got engaged, which Ramakrishna said was an easy decision after years of going on less-than-dreamy dates. "I think when you're older ... I think you know what you want. It's easier," the Bravo star explained. "You know what you want and if they have what you're looking for, then [it's] a done deal." In October, Ramakrishna and her husband made it official in a small backyard ceremony at her mom's house with just the bride and groom's family in attendance: "It was so beautiful," she told PopCulture. 

The newlyweds are now planning a big reception in Miami for the rest of their family and friends, which will be the first time many of Ramakrishna's loved ones will meet her husband. The reality personality was open in the Family Karma Season 3 premiere about not wanting anyone to meet her now-husband until they officially tied the knot – a decision she stands by today.

"You're filming a show, you're vulnerable and I know I didn't talk a lot about my now husband or the relationship in depth," she shared. "Because at 38, if it doesn't work out, you don't want to put someone on a TV show. ... You want it to work out, but if that chance where it doesn't work out happens and then I look like a fool again and I was sick of that. I was sick of looking like a fool. You don't see that so much in Season 2, but in my life off-camera, I felt like a fool a lot of the time. It was like, 'Oh, who are you talking to this week?' Because it was like a joke."

Ramakrishna was at her "wit's end" when it came to introducing her now-husband to anyone, regardless of the tension it caused. "When you're watching the show, my castmates, my friends, they're all mad that they haven't met him," the Currently Cringing podcast host explained. "My grandparents hadn't met him. He met my brother at my wedding."

Now that the two are officially married and having a reception, Ramakrishna is happy to introduce her circle to her husband. And while her new husband doesn't want to be on TV "obviously," Ramakrishna assured fans they'll get to see wedding photos near the end of the season. Family Karma airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo and the next day on Peacock.