Faith Stowers Says 'Vanderpump Rules' All About Betrayal

Faith Stowers is calling out the Vanderpump Rules cast.

The Bravo show's drama this season is revolving around Stowers sleeping with bartender Jax Taylor while he was still dating longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright.

Stowers claims her part in the torrid affair is being dramatized on the reality TV show, telling Page Six Thursday she wasn't friends with Cartwright when she slept with her boyfriend.

"Me and Brittany were not friends but [the show] kept saying that," Stowers said. "The friendliest thing I've done was bring over her favorite flowers after Jax paid for her boob job. I'm confused why she's saying we're friends."

Cartwright was heartbroken when Taylor admitted he had slept with the former SUR employee, but the two have since revealed that they are working through their issues as a couple.

"Brittany was never inviting me out ever," Stowers said. "She wasn't returning my texts. She would only invite me back when the group was going back to her apartment. We haven't spoken in months."

The 28-year-old then said she is also no longer friends with Vanderpump Rules cast members Lala Kent and James Kennedy.

"They are very fraudulent people," she added of the entire cast, singling out Kent and Kennedy. "In the beginning, I did not think that. Do I stand up for the little guy? Always."

Stowers says her lapsed friendship with Kent hurts the most, especially because she helped her hide her relationship with married Hollywood producer, Randall Emmett, during her time at SUR.

"I met her mom, dad, brother — I met her man," Stowers said, claiming she "hid [Kent]'s secrets" during this time.

"It was the same with James," she added. "He'd cry to me about his mother and her issues and I'd always be there for him, even when he'd yell at me when he was drunk."

But despite her appearance on the season premiere, Stowers insists she doesn't have a contract with Bravo right now.

"I didn't want to be a part of this season. Production kept trying to get me to come back as a friend. They wanted me to go to Jeremy Madix's birthday but I didn't want to go. They had James call me so they could record me on the phone," she explained.


"James told me it's pretty much just business," she continued. "He said, 'I've been trying to be friends with Jax for a long time and trying to get in his group so I'll talk to you when the season is over.' I cried for like a week. It was very hurtful. When I told him about me and Jax it was private."

Photo credit: Twitter/@faithstowers