Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals If She'd Return to 'The View' Following Meghan McCain Exit

As The View works to find a replacement for Meghan McCain, former panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck is [...]

As The View works to find a replacement for Meghan McCain, former panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck is opening up about if she would ever return to the ABC talk show. After appearing regularly on The View from 2003 to 2013, Hasselbeck and her family have settled down in Nashville, Tennessee. Still, the television personality revealed she does miss having her voice heard regarding important issues.

Hasselbeck posted a "Top Question of the Week" on her Instagram Monday after being asked if she would ever return to The View if asked. The former panelist said she would ultimately follow where she felt God was calling her in a lengthy response. "With all that is happening in the world… there are times I do miss the blessing of being a voice for certain causes at the hot topics table of [The View]," she wrote. "Though some time has passed, and I'm #morechilllessshrill - I ask God to lead me when it comes to stepping in and out of that type of arena."

Appearing on The View did come with a cost "emotionally, physically and socially" that Hasselbeck and her family were willing to pay at the time. Still, working has looked "different over the past few years." The Survivor alum continued, "And as many of you amazing moms and dads know- we have the ability to assess each season, what our families (sic) needs are, what our passions are, and what we are being called into." Writing and speaking has "provided an amazing way of working" for Hasselbeck since she left The View and Fox News, but she said her entire career has had to do "only to do with listening to what GOD was asking of me, ditching fear, trading it for faith, and going for it."

"I'm still that woman who is listening and ready to go for what He asks of me and of our family. I'm a well-trained pinch runner," she concluded. Whatever is next for Hasselbeck, she wrote, she was "clear" that Nashville will remain her home: "Travel and remotes are possible - but y'all we are not uprooting from this amazing city. It has been goooooooood to us!"