'Dancing With the Stars': Karamo Brown's Children Received Death Threats Following Controversial Sean Spicer Remarks

The backlash from Karamo Brown's comments about fellow Dancing With the Stars competitor Sean Spicer got so bad even the Queer Eye star's children were getting death threats, he revealed on a new episode of Catt Sadler‘s Naked podcast. Amid the controversial casting of President Donald Trump's former White House Press Secretary, who resigned in 2017 after being repeatedly criticized for lying to the American people, Brown was slammed for saying he was looking forward to having "respectful conversations" with the former politician.

He was widely criticized for his failure to condemn Spicer, and soon suspended his Twitter account following an onslaught of messages Brown claimed even made their way to death threats in real life towards his children.

“He was running home because somebody was in a car chasing after him in the car screaming at him! ‘F you and your dad! You’re going to die!'” he said on Sadler's podcast, as per PEOPLE. “That’s what I don’t like. That’s the part that really makes me emotional and gets me upset. When I have to squeeze my hands — the daddy protective in me is just like, don’t do that.”

“The hate started coming at me. And normally I can handle the hate, because I’m okay with having constructive conversations, but what I realized is that places like Twitter, you can’t have constructive conversations,” he added. “It’s the mob mentality. And so once the mob feels like they have their target, they’re going to get you. … And then it was really the first tweet I saw where they [at] my child as well — I was like, done! And I got off of it.”

Looking back, Brown can see why people were upset with his comment about Spicer, but defended his lukewarm comment as the result of not knowing the former Trump aide was cast until the Good Morning America announcement.

“I am not delusional. I’m with them," he said. "You know seeing someone lie to the American public and be a part of an administration that is hurting us, it was bad.”

“My natural instinct is to be kind to every human being. It’s always my natural instinct,” he said of his first brief interaction with Spicer. “I literally said, ‘I don’t want to talk to you about politics right now because I would like to get to know you really quickly so that we can then grow to have a respectful conversation where we can talk about this.'”

“I was like, ‘I’m not going to sit here and pretend like we’re not going to talk about what you said and what has been done,'” he continued. “But this was not the moment. We’re about to walk onto GMA and then do a press tour. This is not the moment for me to have that conversation. I’m going to acknowledge that we must have it, but this is not the moment.”


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Photo credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images