'DWTS' First Eliminated Dancer Nikki Glaser Roasts Judges

Nikki Glaser was the first celebrity eliminated from Dancing With the Stars this week, and she [...]

Nikki Glaser was the first celebrity eliminated from Dancing With the Stars this week, and she held nothing back on Good Morning America Wednesday when roasting the judges.

"I wrote some roast jokes because they went really hard on me and I didn't get a chance to go hard on them back, cause I wanted to stick around, you know? So I was trying to be nice — but now I'm off, so all bets are off," Glaser said.

The comedian known for her roasting abilities began the epic roast with head judge Len Goodman.

"Len Goodman, he's the middle judge, he's the cruelest, he said some mean things to me. It's really insulting, he said I was 'too careful,' which is really insulting coming from a guy who I'm sure wears a Life Alert bracelet," she said.

"I love Len Goodman, I really do," she clarified, "mostly as one of Jeff Dunham's puppets. He just looks like that puppet, it's not that mean. Just spot on."

"He really came after me that first night and really said some mean stuff, and I was like, do I remind you of a granddaughter who hasn't called you in a while?" she continued.

Next, it was host Tom Bergeron's turn.

"I love Tom Bergeron so much. I love his weatherman resting face. He looks like George Clooney if George Clooney picked up his own dry cleaning," she said. "He's a handsome man of the people. He's got that middle school principal energy that I just love and I appreciate."

Her next and final target was judge Bruno Tonioli, who is known for his outlandish comments and quirky behavior.

"I love Bruno. I feel like his blood type is cologne," Glaser said, before softening all the blows with, "I had the best time on this show. Thank you."

But Glaser also roasted herself during the interview, admitting that "I realize I dance like an injured horse."

Her partner, Russian-born pro dancer Gleb Savchenko, also got in on the fun, saying that Glaser definitely "told me some jokes, and some of them were lost in translation, but...when she really made me laugh was when she danced."

"I tried to make him laugh right away, just pulling out all my jokes," Glaser said, adding that many were lost in translation, "But I swear, when I danced, he was crying tears at times."

"I literally said, 'I realize I dance like an injured horse,'" she continued.

"You don't dance like an injured horse, come on," Savchenko interjected. "You dance like an expensive chicken."

Watch Glaser and Savchenko's entire interview here:

The duo was eliminated after dancing the salsa to "YES" by Louisa featuring 2 Chainz on Monday and after dancing the salsa to "Tres Deseos" by Gloria Estefan on Tuesday.

"It sucks, I'm not gonna lie, I really, really liked doing this show and I really had such a great time," Glaser said after the elimination. "I hope that I just proved that I did the scariest thing I've ever done and I tried my best and I had fun."

Many DWTS fans were furious with the show's voting system, calling it a "joke" after The Bachelorette alum Joe "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile and pro partner Jenna Johnson were saved from elimination despite getting the lowest score of the premiere.

One Twitter user wrote, "Problem with #DWTS is the audience has too much power. Grocery Store Joe is not in bottom 6 despite having the worst judge score by at least 3 points? #joke. Someone more deserving likely going home."

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.