The Duggars Renamed 'Deviled Eggs' and They Are Getting Fiery Backlash for It

The Duggars are giving a new name to the age-old dish served at almost all celebrations and people are raging about it!

Deviled eggs are a pretty common food item at events and gathers, especially around Easter, but the conservative family is now renaming them to "Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs." and they're getting ridiculed for it.

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Made some “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs” together with Johannah and Jordyn! They’re one of our favorites! 💛

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The family celebrated the Christian holiday with one another and posted a sweet photo of Johannah and Jordyn decorating the yellow pocket angel eggs but haters weren't quiet about their new twist on the name.

"I love and appreciate the Duggars...but cmon. Yellow pocket angel eggs? Smh," one user wrote.

Obviously, with the name "Deviled Egg" someone else felt the need to point out that it has nothing to do with Satan himself, instead it's the technique in which you style the egg.

"You know 'deviled' is the technique and has nothing to do with 'the Devil,' right? They're homonym," the user stated.

Someone else related their name change to why some Christians wouldn't watch Harry Potter because of the witchcraft by saying, "This is why people think Christians are ridiculous. It's a name. Calling it as such (or reading Harry Potter) isn't going to bring satan upon you."

"What happens if you call them deviled eggs?" another person asked. "I hope you were able to trick him by calling them this code name! Don't want no Satanic eggs now do we!"

However, on the flip-side, one fan thought showing more support for Satan isn't necessary and fully agrees with the new title.

"I love the name!" they wrote. "Why give the devil any more popularity when his works already run rampant in our society. (Just sayin)."

Then, one fan backed the popular family up by clarifying that "they aren't the only ones."


"In parts of the Southern and Midwestern United States, the terms 'stuffed eggs', 'salad eggs', and 'dressed eggs' are used instead," they said. "The term 'angel eggs' has also been used in association with fillings with less fat and cholesterol. Even though it sounds silly to me they aren't the only ones who choose not to call them deviled eggs...... You do you and let them do them...."

Another user decided to ignore the negative reaction and encourage the Duggars to keep with their new name, saying, "We call them angel eggs too so feel free to overreact and tell me how wrong I am Geez.....while you unload I'll be sipping on some cream soda and catching some sunshine."