'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Shows Just How Much Her Baby Bump Has Grown

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is nearing the end of her pregnancy. As a result, she's been sharing numerous pregnancy updates with her fans on social media. On Saturday, she posted a series of photos that shows her fans just how much her baby bump has grown over the past nine months.

Robertson posted five photos of herself from various stages in her pregnancy. Her snaps ranged from her first month of pregnancy to her ninth month. Not only did her post allow for her to showcase her pregnancy journey, but it also allowed her to share a sweet message for her baby girl. The Duck Dynasty star wrote alongside the photos, "growing : becoming greater over a period of time; increasing. you make me better baby girl. I hope I always see growth, no matter how uncomfortable it can be ... as a very good thing. Because that it is."

Robertson's latest post comes a little over a week after she marked 35 weeks of pregnancy. On March 29, she posted a photo of herself posing outside, with her hand lovingly resting on her baby bump. She excitedly captioned the post with, "35 WEEKS!!!" The reality star went on to describe all of her feelings about her pregnancy, including her gratefulness that her body allowed her to grow her baby girl for the past several months.

"God made our bodies to do the things they can do," Robertson wrote. "it blows my mind that nearly 9 months ago I had a baby the size of a poppy seed and now that little girl is kicking me with her long legs, nestled in my rib cage ([sweat smile emoji]) and responding to my voice. my gosh it’s the coolest thing getting to truly experience Psalm 139:13 inside of me!!! we are getting soooo close and feeling it!!!" The Duck Dynasty star announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband Christian Huff back in October. To announce the exciting news, the couple posed together as they showed off her sonogram photos. About a month after announcing her pregnancy, Robertson shared that she and Huff were expecting a baby girl. At the time, the couple held a gender reveal party, during which their loved ones showered them with pink paint to indicate their baby girl on the way.