'Duck Dynasty' Daughter Sadie Robertson Posts Heartfelt Instagram Message Fueled by Khloe Kardashian and 'KUWTK'

Sadie Robertson never hesitates to get candid with her fans, and the Duck Dynasty star did just [...]

Sadie Robertson never hesitates to get candid with her fans, and the Duck Dynasty star did just that on Monday when she reflected on empathy, sharing that the post was spurred by an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In her caption, Robertson wrote that she found herself watching the E! show, which was airing its season finale, late at night after she had finished packing. The finale addressed the Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods cheating scandal and the family's reaction to it, with Khloé Kardashian emotionally telling the camera that the publicity of her life can be difficult to deal with.

"Two min into watching it I was so moved, and heartbroken from something Khloé said in her interview," Robertson began alongside a childhood photo of herself. "She was crying because of some really hard things she was going through being so public and she said, 'I get that I am an entertainer, but I am also a human. I don't think people understand that this is my real life.'"

(Photo: Instagram / @legitsaiderob)

"Here's the thing... with the world we have created we can tend to dehumanize people we see and dehumanize our own self for how we want to be seen as," she continued. "But no matter your job title, your editing app, your fame, money, relationship status or lack of - do not let anyone convince you that you're more different than you are alike, and do not convince yourself that you're more different than alike anyone else you have put on a pedestal."

The 22-year-old shared a story from her childhood, recalling a song she sang in school with lyrics that read, "Whatever I will be when I grow up - I'll be a Christian first when I grow up."

"In the same way as I sang when I was little I believe no matter where you're coming from you could say, whatever I will be (or I am) when I grow up - I'll be a human first when I grow up' before you are any job, any famous, any rich, any poor, or any single - you're human first," she wrote.

"Being human and understanding everyone else is too will help take the pressure off, bring understanding and provide an opportunity for empathy, but when you rob someone of human emotion and peg them solely as your own entertainment or you rob yourself of human emotion and try only be seen than known there will be hurt - no matter how well you try cover it up. We are all human - we all have feelings - we all have a desire for purpose - and we all desperately want to be loved."

"That's at the root of who we all are," Robertson concluded. "Roots are buried, so you will only see people's fruit in life. But no matter how different we all grow - we all have similar roots that need the same care. Throw seeds of love."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @legitsaiderob