Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Daughter 'Baby Lyssa' Blasts Fans as 'Selfish' for Criticizing Him for Moving on From Beth

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are likely aware that Duane 'Dog' Chapman has found love again with his [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are likely aware that Duane "Dog" Chapman has found love again with his girlfriend Francie Frane. Unfortunately, it appears as though some fans have criticized Chapman for moving on about a year after his late wife, Beth Chapman, passed away after a battle with cancer. Now, Chapman's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, is speaking out in a new interview with The Sun in order to defend her father against the haters.

"I think that it's really hard for people to see dad move on," Lyssa, whose was known as "Baby Lyssa" on Dog the Bounty Hunter, told the publication in a report that was published on Tuesday. "It's hard for us, it's hard for the world. Beth and Dog were always together for everything. So it's been an adjustment period." Still, despite the fact that it may be hard, she noted that it's "selfish" for anyone, including herself, to judge her father's situation. She added, "I am not him. I don't know what he's personally going through or experiencing. So it's hard."

"It's selfish to put your judgment on someone and say, 'You didn't wait long enough, or you should have waited more time or that it's disrespectful,'" Lyssa continued. "I think that's selfish... you don't know what someone's going through." As Chapman's daughter continued to share with The Sun, she is happy to see her dad with someone like Frane, who she says is an "amazing" person.

"I only care about the quality of the woman that my dad is dating," Lyssa also noted. "And I do think that Francie is an amazing woman and I think that the circumstances are just so much different. And you know, where he is in his head space is different than where he was six months ago. And it was a really organic relationship. Like the way they came together is really sweet. That's all.... it's adorable. They're really cute."

Chapman and Frane, a rancher from Colorado, originally went public with their relationship in late March. At the time, photos of the couple were shared with The Sun. The outlet noted that the couple had been dating for a few months at that point. Chapman and Frane met after the bounty hunter called to ask whether Frane's husband, Bob, would be able to do some yard work on his Colorado home. Frane had to share that Bob passed away months before Beth died. The two then began to chat on the phone regularly, helping each other cope with the loss of their spouses in the process.