Duane 'Dog' Chapman Shares Granddaughter's Reaction to Wife Beth's Death: 'I Still Smell Grandma'

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman is opening up about how his family is coping with his late wife Beth Chapman's passing. The Dog's Most Wanted star revealed in a new interview how he hopes to keep Beth's memory alive with the youngest members of his family.

Speaking with Page Six in a powerful interview, Dog spoke through tears about how his granddaughter Madalynn told him once, "Grandpa, I still smell grandma," after she went into the late reality television star's closet.

"She said, 'Are you going give all of her clothes away?'" Duane said. "Those clothes are going to always be there Madalynn, forever as far as grandpa is concerned."

Along with her close, the bounty hunter told the outlet that Beth's influence is still a big part of the Chapman family's daily lives.

"She loved animals, she carried weenies on the bounty to feed these dogs that are abused. We see a puppy, we see a dog or we hear a song... She loved rainy days. So when it rains, there are so many things that remind the family of her," Duane told the publication.

"I know for sure that will never go away. Those memories will be there forever," he added.

Beth passed away at the age of 51 back in June after years of fighting a long battle with throat and lung cancer. Fans, and the Chapman family, got a chance to reunite with the fallen celebrity Wednesday during the premiere of new series, Dog's Most Wanted. The show was originally set to premiere in 2020 but was pushed forward at WGN America to celebrate Beth's legacy after her tragic death.

The premiere episode opened with the heartbreaking scene featuring Beth and Dog finding out her cancer was back while they were driving together.

"In 2014 Duane 'the Dog' Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, retired from full time bounty hunting," the show's narrator said during the scene. "And in 2017, Beth won a year-long battle with cancer after having a tumor removed from her throat. But today, for the entire Chapman family, everything is about to change."

"I got some test results back on your Immunotherapy," the doctor said in the clip, first released by PEOPLE. "I hate to say it, but unfortunately, your tumor is not improving based on the immunotherapy. I need to advise you to start with some chemotherapy. I need to schedule a time to get you in as soon as possible. Would next Monday work?"


"I need to process it first and call you back," Beth says as she visibly gets holds back tears. When she ends the call, Dog pulls over and is seen pacing outside of the car as Beth processes the devastating news.

Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.