Drew Scott and Linda Phan Respond to Tom Bergeron, Erin Andrews' Exit From 'Dancing With the Stars' (Exclusive)

Following the news of Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews' exit from Dancing With the Stars earlier this [...]

Following the news of Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews' exit from Dancing With the Stars earlier this month, Season 25 fourth place runner-up, Drew Scott of Property Brothers fame, tells PopCulture.com the beloved mainstays fans have come to love are "going to be missed" greatly. In an exclusive sit-down with Scott and his wife Linda Phan for their Apple Podcast series At Home with Linda & Drew Scott, the couple weighed in on the controversial exits, further sharing how Bergeron and Andrews are on a golden path to new opportunities.

"They're going to be missed because Tom and Erin are both a huge part of the show," Scott said in our series, PopCulture @ Home. "They've been there for so long, but they have things in their lives that they want to do, I'm sure, and where their path takes them is where they're meant to be."

Shortly after the news of Bergeron and Andrews' exits on July 13, ABC announced Tyra Banks would be tangoing into the spot as host for the upcoming season. Phan added how the pair "love Tyra," so it's bound to be a "fun, fresh show" despite not knowing where it will go at this point in time.

One thing is certain — Scott and Phan made lifelong friends from his experience on the show in 2017 where he not only befriended dance partner Emma Slater and her husband, Sasha Farber but fellow contestant Nikki Bella and her now fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev who are also expecting their first child together.

"We're friends with a lot of people from Dancing With the Stars, and our experience was really amazing because, again, everybody, it was like one big family," Scott said of his time on the show. "Even though we were competing, we became really close with Nikki and Artem and some of the other dancers [Emma and Sasha]."

That friendship has humbly transcended in the couples supporting one another and their projects like Scott and Phan's At Home podcast, which invites listeners into their Los Angeles home for in-depth and candid conversations with a number of personalities. "It's sort of a basis that everything starts at home," Scott said of the podcast. "Everyone lives somewhere. Everyone has their home life that affects them in all aspects of life, so we wanted our podcast to be a part of that springboard for life."

Scott and Phan go on to share that while they invited Bella and Chigvintsev to their podcast, the congenial gesture was met with the WWE star bringing the Canadian couple on her digital series, The Bella Sisters alongside sister, Brie Bella.

"She had us on hers," Scott shared. "They're so fun. Obviously, Nikki is a twin as well, and so we have this twin bond, so it was really funny to dig in more too with like Artem on our episode, to see his background and where he came from — and dance for him, it was regimented. It was almost like military, his training when he was young, which is sort of crazy to think, to become as good as he is."

Scott stresses how he and Phan are also happy to support Bella's podcast for the sheer "empowerment of women," adding how what she does makes her a legit boss. "She has such a strong voice and such a strong following of people that look up to her as a leader. It was really cool. Honestly, every episode is so different for At Home and it really blows my mind how much more we're learning about people that we thought we knew, but we didn't."

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