'Dog's Most Wanted' Star Kaleo Padilla Says He Misses Beth Chapman After Series Premiere

Dog's Most Wanted star Kaleo Padilla was getting in his feeling during the premiere of the new WGN America reality series. The reality television personality, a member of the team who helped Duane "Dog" Chapman and late wife Beth catch fugitives through the years, also got in touch with grief after watching the series premiere episode, featuring the start of Beth's final battle with cancer.

The episode began with the heartbreaking scene of Beth and Dog receiving a call from her doctors as they were driving in Colorado, receiving the news her cancer had returned.

"In 2014 Duane 'the Dog' Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, retired from full time bounty hunting," the show's narrator said during the scene. "And in 2017, Beth won a year-long battle with cancer after having a tumor removed from her throat. But today, for the entire Chapman family, everything is about to change."

"I got some test results back on your Immunotherapy," the doctor said over the phone. "I hate to say it, but unfortunately, your tumor is not improving based on the immunotherapy. I need to advise you to start with some chemotherapy. I need to schedule a time to get you in as soon as possible. Would next Monday work?"

"I need to process it first and call you back," Beth said as she held back tears.

Padilla, who has been a longtime friend and colleague to the Chapman family, took to Twitter during the airing of the episode.

Lyssa Chapman was one of the members of the family to reply to Padilla's message, sending simply a single-tear emoji his way. Fans of the series responded also relating to the emotional occasion.

"Hey Kaleo I can't see this in Canada but I am feeling for all of you....take care of everyone..." one fan commented.

"damnit got me crying," another Twitter user wrote.

"Beth is truly missed by alot of people in this world her and Dog have changed so many lives. [Beth Chapman] was such an amazing role model while I know she was for me," a third user commented.


The episode also featured Beth participating on the team's latest hunt, having to excuse herself after a hectic chase because of the toll cancer treatment had taken on her stamina.

Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America. The premiere episode proved to be a hit for the network, giving it its biggest night in the ratings since March 2017.