'Dog's Most Wanted': See Photo of Beth Chapman Dog the Bounty Hunter Posted Right Before Episode 2

Duane "Dog" Chapman paid tribute to his late wife and co-star Beth ahead of the premiere of Episode 2 of Dog's Most Wanted. The reality star took to Twitter, after promising fans he would follow them on the social media platform if they live-tweeted along with him, to share a sweet photo of his late wife likely during filming of their new show.

Beth passed away at the age of 51 back in June after a long battle with throat and lung cancer. Despite her condition, she continued to work alongside her husband and the rest of the team on their bounty hunting business.

Fans of the reality television couple responded to Dog's sweet message with positive messages, as Dog continues to live through his grief after losing Beth.

"Respect for you Dog," one user commented.

"Beautiful lady with a beautiful soul and heart," another fan wrote.

"Oh beautiful Beth I admire your beauty that you have inside and out! You are one of a kind. I've never met you, but miss and cry for you! Aloha," another user wrote, adding the hashtag [This One Is For Beth].

"There's a lot to think about but, I don't want to be that person that's laying in that bed. I don't want to be that person," she said during Episode 2. "If I'm going to die I'm going to die in my boots."

Dog's Most Wanted was originally set to premiere in 2020, though the network opted to accelerate the series premiere to September to honor her legacy.

"My wife is, was, and always will be the heart and soul of Dog's Most Wanted," Dog said in a statement at the time. "Beth wanted nothing more than for the show to go on, and I am so proud of the legacy that she left behind. She lived and died for this show, and she would be so proud of how hard we worked bringing these criminals to justice."

The new episodes are also fresh footage for Dog, as he previously revealed he was not capable of watching the episodes ahead of time.

"I have not looked at none of these shows," Duane told PEOPLE ahead of the series premiere. "I looked at the first show a little bit, but at that time, I wasn't able to handle it."


"So when everyone sees it Wednesday, I get to see it. First time," he said at the time.

Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.