Dog the Bounty Hunter Unveils Big Life Change

Dog the Bounty Hunter hit the road again to close out last year. According to TMZ, Duane Chapman and his current wife, Francie Frane, have decided to leave Colorado behind for good, selling the former reality star's mansion in the process. Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter will likely remember the home as the one featured on the A&E reality series.

As TMZ adds, the home features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, an entertainment room, a home theater, and a covered patio with a hot tub. There is also a photo of a majestic horse attached to the wall by the fireplace, which we hope comes with the sale.

Chapman's decision to sell and leave Colorado could be connected to his lingering feelings for Beth Chapman, his late wife who passed away in 2019 after a battle with cancer. Her memory has to still be in the home, which is tough to deal with when you're moving on with a new wife, new life, and new mindset.

Chapman hasn't been spending much time at the home anyway, living full-time with his wife in Florida. As TMZ notes, the couple plans to remain in Florida when the sale is finished. There is no mention of his home in Hawaii.

It has been a bit of an emotional time for Chapman in recent months. The Dog the Bounty Hunter television family lost a member featured on Dog's Most Wanted to start December. David Robinson passed away at 50, possibly from a heart attack or stroke according to reports. No official cause of death has been revealed. Chapman paid tribute to the bounty-hunting partner.

"I'm shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of David Robinson, my right-hand man of many years. Until we meet again, brother," Chapman told TMZ after the news broke. The family also lost Beth Chapman's mother shortly after Robinson's passing.

Before the sad losses, Chapman was enjoying some positivity in life. His daughter, "Baby" Lyssa Chapman, finally married her longtime fiancee. Chapman himself returned to television with The Masked Singer, taking on one of the masked characters and showing off his singing voice.